‘Black Sky’ is ‘back on track.’Sounds good to me!

Hooray! This tweet showed up on Twitter last night from Black Sky producer Todd Garner. It seems post-production is “back on track” after being derailed by the bankruptcy woes of Rhythm and Hues, the SFX company handling the film’s special effects.  Good news indeed!

Todd Garner     Todd Garner@Todd_Garner                            12h

Getting back on track. #BlackSky pic.twitter.com/MIvd8qxzEd

Methinks I spy Richard Armitage as Gary Morris in this clip seen on the monitor, described by co-star Nathan Kress as one of the “most intense shots” of the upcoming tornado disaster flick.

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    • Me, too! Was so glad to see that tweet show up on my TL last night. I fell asleep watching TV and woke up at 3 am and found myself getting excited at the prospect of RA on the big screen in another role. No word on release date yet, but it’s progress!

  1. Yeah! Mixed reactions here though looking forward to the opportunity of seeing him on big screen again but I’m always nervous of hearing well known actors do accents, and I’ve heard mixed reviews about his American accents before. But I’ll ignore the nay Sayers and watch it anyway!

    • His earlier attempts at an American accent needed improvement, I have to agree–but he had time to work and improve it before filming Black Sky. Since Lee Pace is a native Oklahoman and he and RA struck up a friendship while shooting TH, I like to think RA picked up some pointers from him. 😉 I have a lot of faith that RA worked hard to get it right.

      • Fabulous! He does other voices so well. Lets hope he doesn’t lose that chocolaty velvet ness to that lovely voice whilst doing so.

      • Just to say, because the internet is full of rumours, the idea that they are “friends” or whatever is solely based on the fact that they went to see a movie together once. Someone who knows someone who apparently saw them reported that on twitter. Apart from that we have no knowledge how much time they did spent together.

        • I would think they would have a dialogue coach for him since he’s not used to doing an American accent–but, as I’ve said any number of times before, the man could read the phone book dressed in a garbage bag and I’d still go see it. Guess I’m just not that much of a purist–growing up in the area I did (DC-Northern Virginia), people still ask me where I’m from because I’m constantly told I don’t have an accent. At least, not one that’s readily identifiable.

        • You don’t usually go to the movies with people you detest, they worked on the film together, so can I at least say they are friendly acquaintances, Jane?? 😉 I have never inferred there was anything more than a collegial friendship between any of the TH actors, anyway. I am not trying to rumor monger, it was just a playful suggestion at most. We know RA used the driver for one of his projects, taping his accent because it was Geordie to use as an aid in developing his Ricky Deeming accent for GG. So it wouldn’t be out of the question to model Gary Morris’s accent after Lee. A POSSIBILITY.

          • For my part, Angie, I read no inference of any kind in your comment and I think that Richard is the sort of person who uses whatever resources are readily available to him when researching a part. Frankly, I wouldn’t know an Oklahoma accent if someone hit me over the head with one, which I guess is why I’m not picky when it comes to specific American accents. If I were, I would probably never watch “The Old Man and the Sea” again.

            • Yep, he takes advantage of the opportunities that arise for him. An Oklahoma accent has got a hint of the south with some midwestern twang. Having lived in and traveled in different parts of the country, I’ve gotten a chance to hear quite a variety of accents–and I have a good ear for them. I am sure RA will do the very best he can.

              • I can pretty well identify a lot of the New York accents; one of my dearest friends is from Rhode Island and still retains her accent even though she has lived here for years; and of course, I got pretty well used to southern accents during the 9+ years I lived in Tennessee. Other than that, I rarely see much difference in American accents–or maybe it just isn’t a priority for me. I just want to see our dear boy in this movie and in a completely different role for him (up to now)–I can’t imagine that he won’t do a fantastic job.

              • I actually think we are becoming a tad more homogenized in terms of regional and local dialects, which makes me a bit sad. I was fascinated by accents at a very young age and would mimic the different ones I heard on television. Was especially taken with English, Scots and Irish accents-hence my adoration of Mr. A’s dulcet tones! I pick up on a lot of Canadian actors playing Americans in US TV shows. Difference in certain vowel sounds. I know it doesn’t mean diddly squat to most people, it’s just a hobby of mine. And yes, I want Richard to be in a big screen role where he isn’t covered in makeup and prosthetics and is playing a different sort of role than fantasy/action hero.

              • I’m not holding out much hope that I won’t still have my fantasies even if he is playing someone who’s just supposed to be a normal kind of guy (heroically chasing after his son in the middle of a massive tornado). Well, okay, he is my hero–Richard and Kermit (wonder if I can come up with a fanfic for that duo?)

              • Okay, let’s see–Richard could be a private detective (a la Spenser) and Kermit would be his partner, while Rowlf is their faithful tracking (and piano playing for musical interludes) dog on the trail of kidnappers (led by Rizzo the Rat and the Rat Pack) who made off with Miss Piggy, expecting her to lead them to the pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow Connection–nah, I can do better than that.

    • He never did an American accent for a role, let alone a role for an American audience, just a poetry reading on British radio. I would guess for a British audience it was sufficient to give his reading an American feel. I often hear actors doing a German accent or attempting to speak German and it sound absolutely nothing like German! It doesn’t matter because it is just about giving the impression that a character is German for an English-speaking audience.

      • Oh I’m a Brit and I wasn’t convinced at all, think mostly because too much of the essence of Richard was gone. Now producers etc know enough of the power of RA to try and keep as much pure him as possible… Well I hope so!

        • Well, that is a dilemma. Do you want to keep an actor’s appeal or do you want him to get it right? It may well be that he delivers the accent spot on and can even convince natives, but is far less appealing then he was with his British accent. As a non-native speaker the different accents are lost to me, I’m just happy if I can understand the actor. But no doubt the there is a “right” and “wrong” when it comes to accents and there are a number of British actors who are very good a doing American accents and can play Americans convincingly.

          • I know. By that I meant keep that chocolate ness to his voice. I love listening to all different voices and accents and am always so shocked how people can just switch! As a person who struggles with her native tongue I’m always in awe of pretty much everyone who can do otherwise! And he being the professional he is has probably practised endlessly and will be faultless.

            • I agree with you, Dee–I think he probably practiced endlessly to give it his best shot, and getting an accent right is just not a big criteria with me. Not everyone is Meryl Streep.

              • Just to see him on the big screen again will be heavenly, getting withdrawal symptoms here!

              • Yeah, I’m really hoping that they get “Black Sky” released before December. I just want to see him up there on the big screen again–and drool into my popcorn. (Just kidding–I don’t even LIKE popcorn)

              • Here in Spain, I will likely have to wait for DVD to see “Black Sky”, at least if I want to see it in English. Even to see “The Deslolation of Smaug” in English, not even 48 fps or 3D, I’ll likely need to travel to Sevilla again, an overnight trip at a minimum. I have to have patience and be grateful for what I can get, because there isn’t a lot of choice. But why bother with popcorn when you can have something much nicer?

              • It’s learning to be content with our lot, isn’t it? Not always easy. But having a DVD does mean you can watch whenever you want to in comfort of your own home. Benny actually enjoyed TH more at home than he did in the theater!

  2. This is such good news! I cannot wait to see him on the big screen looking like a person rather than a dwarf. Looking like RA. Maybe not bellowing and fighting all the time. Acting like a father. Can’t wait to see how this film will play around the world, and in the US. I, of course, will see it several times, then will buy the DVD for closer analysis.

  3. YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY! Seems like we have been waiting forever for this great news–of course, I think he will be amazing, as he always is.

    • I’m still confused (not too surprising; I usually just stay that way, it saves time). So one of the young boys was supposed to be the star, not Richard? How deranged is that?

  4. I will believe that they are back on track when WB announces a release date. Given that the 300 sequel has also been pushed back I don’t expect it to be earlier than spring 2014, somewhere between the Oscars and the summer blockbusters.

    • At least progress is being made, Jane. Personally, I am a glass half full type of girl versus the eternal pessimist. Yes, it is likely the release date will be 2014, but at LEAST there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Whenever it reaches theatres, I will personally be thrilled.

      • Personally hoping that it won’t be that long–but, if it is, it will still come. Looking forward to it no matter when it is.

        • Oh, I hope it would be that long either, but judging by the problems the bankruptcy caused and the ensuing delays, I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t pushed to 2014. I will be happy for it to happen whenever it does!!

  5. With the movie being about a tornado that hits an Oklahoma school, I imagine the release date might be pushed back considering the similarities to the tragedies that have occurred in the last couple of days in Oklahoma. Art imitating life a little bit too much.

      • If it gets too late into 2013 before the film is ready for release, I almost hope that they will push it back until 2014 so that it won’t get buried in the Smaug craze that’s sure to happen once December gets close. Richard deserves a better chance to have the film noticed.

        The tragedies in Oklahoma are terrible and I pray for all the victims–Mother Nature will always be a fore to be reckoned with.

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