Guyday Friday: Glorious and Gorgeous






BeFunky_rh107_101 (2)

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  1. I have just one word–THUD!!!!!! Thanks, Angie, for making my day look a whole lot better courtesy of the man of all our dreams.

  2. Oh, and that first one of the eyes–literally to die for. I think I could drown in those eyes and die a happy woman.

  3. Lovely Guy. Thank you. 🙂
    I’m having fun with an article about fathers with young children – very sound conclusions, perhaps relevant in R’s case:
    “[T]he reason you’re unlikely to hear men with good careers complaining about their work-life balance is because, with a few exceptions, they’re not interested in more ‘life’ and less ‘work’.”

    • I read the article, and all I can say is that if the author disliked being with his children so much, why did he have them? Further, if one chooses to have children, one has the responsibility to teach them how to behave appropriately. Men with good careers are often seen to enjoy their children and they know it’s not all “lollipops and roses.” Being a good partner isn’t either.

      I can’t speculate on the relevance to Richard’s life, but in his place, from what I know of his life now, I know I would not have the time to be a conscientious parent. One has to make choices and make time to do that.

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