Richard Armitage & Ori’s Slingshot: Celebrating Creative Exchange


This came up on Twitter yesterday, an excerpt from the Chronicles book that someone had posted on Tumblr. In the snippet,  Adam Brown (Ori) is describing how his signature weapon for The Hobbit came about:

“. . . . I recall being in a weapons meeting and the others were all going crazy over their weapons. It was Richard [Armitage] who said to me ‘You should have a slingshot’ and it just kind of stuck . . .”

Adam Brown from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles: Art and Design by Daniel Falconer and Weta Workshop


He’s so adorable.  You just want to give Ori a big hug. 😉

I added “Armitage” to the above as there was some confusion over whether it was Weta Design and Special Effects Supervisor Richard Taylor or actor Richard Armitage who made the comment, but Adam Brown himself confirmed in a tweet that it was indeed RA who gave him the suggestion for a slingshot.

We also know RA came up with the suggestion of turning that tree trunk that gave his character the distinctive name of “Oakenshield” into part of his costume, leading to the development of his vambrace. Both Ori’s trusty slingshot and Thorin’s vambrace made it into the films.

Which made us wonder–what other ideas or suggestions might our Richard have made on the set of The Hobbit (which he would likely be too modest to ever mention)?

I also recall Todd Garner, producer for RA’s next film, Black Sky, mentioning that RA had some good ideas for a possible trailer for the film.


(My fake film poster created in Photoshop from a photo still provided by Todd Garner)

And I feel certain he had other ideas that he shared with the Black Sky PTB and in past productions.  I am so happy that directors and producers are taking note of the creative ideas that Richard brings to the table and implementing them.  It shows respect and a recognition of just how much Richard Armitage has to offer.

And it comes on many different levels, as a dedicated and cosummate actor and ensemble player who is generous with his acting partners, as an imaginative writer, as someone with an eye on the director’s seat. I believe, if given the opportunities, the sky is the limit for Richard Armitage.

And I also believe creativity breeds creativity. Richard’s dedication to and passion for his profession has inspired me and, I know, so many, many others, in our own creative endeavors.  Look at the fanfiction (and novels), the fanvids, the artwork, the essays, the blogs and more that can all be directly traced to Richard Armitage and the compelling characters he has so carefully created. I also appreciate and admire how he conducts himself–gentlemanly, kind and thoughtful. We need more of that in this world.

Keep dreaming your dreams, RA, and we will dream along with you. And thank you for being–YOU.

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