Some Thornton romance for Thursday



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  1. This, for me, was the best kiss I’ve ever seen on TV or film. Hands down. If he kisses like that in real life……..

  2. I’ve watched that scene so many times I’ve lost count but I still find it so overwhelmingly beautiful each time. It is so perfect I don’t think there is another to compare with it. It can move me to tears at times. I think you may have a good point Judit. I think it is highly likely that is how he kisses! *sigh* I can’t image he had to be TOLD how to do that – can you? 😉

    • No, I don’t think he was told how to do it either… Lucky Daniela (and all the other ladies he has ever kissed)!

    • No, I can’t imagine that Richard had to be told either. I kind of hope that he was having a crush on Daniela at the time. 🙂 Daniela is still single. Darned why don’t they hook up.

      • Well he did say, “It still makes me tingle” when referring to that kiss so there was definitely great chemistry going on! 😉 I think we can all say the same and we are only watching! 😀

    • I’ve lost count too, Teuchter, of how many times I’ve watched this scene. Sometimes I put the dvd in and it’s all I watch, over and over again, totally immersed in its perfection. The soundtrack for those last few minutes makes my heart swell with the beauty of it.
      Richard kisses are perfect… tender, sweet, romantic, yet sensuous, but they can also be hot and hungry! I like to believe that that is how he actually kisses. *sigh*

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