Sporting Armitage


There has been speculation as to what sorts of R&R Mr. A might get up to following the wrap of The Hobbit, Comic-Con and assorted and sundry career-related and family activities. Here are some possibilities.



Might he do some schussing on the ski slopes? Only, unlike in acting, we DON’T want you to break a leg.

Tennis, anyone?

Perhaps he’ll hit the ice? OOh, but watch out for those sticks, Rich. They can do some damage.

Perhaps he hopes to tell some whopper tales from a fishing trip.

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    • Nadia, I used to be a big fan of Plushenko! Have to admit though I’d gone a little bit off him after the last Olympics. I didn’t like the fact that he blamed the scoring system/judges for his defeat instead of taking a good hard look at the construction of his programme. He sounded like a very sore loser to me. And I didn’t like his antics at the presentation ceremony either…stepping onto the gold medallist’s place first…What was that about? Anyway, I was really disappointed with (or by?) his behaviour. I still admire him as a skater, but not so much as a person.

  1. These manips look like so much fun. Richard does have the body to skate very well indeed, muscles deveoped in the right places. I just don’t know if it would be as much fun as skiing is for him. Flying downhill at 100+ kph is a thrill all its own. He says he loves feeling “out of control” and skating just won’t give you that, but as a dancer, he might find the challenge of doing it on ice appealing. Just the thought of ice dancing with Richard makes my pulse race.

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