(Guest Post) How I Fell for a Hot, Hairy Dwarf & Never Looked Back: Part 1


Today it’s Thorin Thursday and we have a guest post by one of our regular blog commenters from Down Under (who is also a new blogger and new RA fan, courtesy of one gorgeous dwarf we all know and love) . . .  I love her enthusiasm for our dear Richard and his characters.



I suppose I should start by introducing myself.  I’m Bec Hepworth – many of you may know me as Bechep from blogs or @lady0akenshield on Twitter.  Angie has kindly (and bravely) asked me to do a bit of a guest post on her wonderful blog for Thorin Thursday.  Just so we are clear, I love Thorin Oakenshield.  I’m talking totally and, to use a Richard-ism, pants-droppingly obsessed *ahem* by Thorin Oakenshield.  I’m a little nervous and oh so slightly excited to talk about my favourite subject – I may begin to waffle, please just bear with me!

When Angie approached me here was the outline: “How I Fell Hard for a Hot, Hairy Dwarf & Never Looked Back”

After a little giggle,  I decided that I would break down that statement into three parts.

  1. How I fell hard,
  2. Hot and hairy (and oh how I’m looking forward to writing about that!) and
  3. Never looking back.

So, get yourself a mug of mead/tea/coffee/wine/ other refreshment and  let us begin…

Part 1: How I Fell Hard

It was in fact, to coin a phrase, An Unexpected Journey.  There I was, just cruising along with my little life- young children, husband, part-time job as a primary school teacher, family, friends, mortgage-you get the idea, nothing really taking up too much time or brain space and  nothing out of the ordinary going on.

I went to the cinema on Boxing Day to see The Hobbit on its opening night (it opens later in Australia – I don’t know why and don’t get me started…) I’m an avid Tolkien fan and was very excited to see the movie having thoroughly enjoyed the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  I was lining up ready to go in. I looked up and saw this giant poster :

hobbit poster

and there…in the middle…Thorin Oakenshield.  I remember thinking “Oooh he’s very nice” and continued to stare at it until we went in.  I won’t bore you with my various reactions to the movie – oh, that glorious moment he arrives at Bag End… *stares off into the distance…*


Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes. So we will Skip forward roughly three hours…

I floated out of the cinema in a complete and utter state of  euphoria.  I was totally and utterly smitten. I rushed home to get on the internet and find out who this amazing, delicious, gorgeous actor was. (sorry people who came to the movie with me, no coffee and Christmas Day left over goodies for you! Safe trip home, there’s the door.)

The next few days – which turned into weeks were spent finding out all I could about Richard Armitage.

The Armitage Effect was one of the first places I found when I Googled his name.  I loved that I could find like-minded people talking about and worshipping this incredible actor.  When I finally plucked up the courage to leave a comment back on  the 2nd January (Post: “We all need an Armitage Hero” – I still remember!) Angie and the other fans were very welcoming and it was so great to actually communicate with other people about my new passion and not feel silly or judged.

hobbit Thorin poster

Pause with me a moment, won’t you? as we just gaze at the majesty.

So I ordered all three series of Robin Hood. And began having Sir Guy marathons of 3-4 episodes a night (oh, to have all-night marathons with Sir Guy…whoops did I just say that out loud!?).  I believe my Long Suffering Husband ‘s comment was “all this because you saw The Hobbit?”  Yes my dear, seeing The Hobbit is PRECISELY why all this!

Even grumpy, the dwarf is a dream!

grumpy thorin

And so it began.  Since I plucked up the courage to write that first little comment, I have experienced all sorts of incredible and wonderful things: meeting amazing, funny, very special people, Reading Blogs, Writing a Blog ( a very insignificant and amateur one over on Word Press), Twitter, You Tube clips, Fan Fiction, Watching all the Richard Armitage TV shows I can get my hands on (Oh Lucas, you are so dreamy…), buying Thorin-related products (I did draw the line at Thorin Oakenshield underpants but for a moment there, dear readers, I did consider it), getting pictures on my phone so I could have sneaky peeks at work, learning new verbs like Richarding and Thorinized (one of yours, Angie, I believe?), the list goes on.

I could go into detail about all these experiences but I can see Angie nervously checking her watch – I suspect she thinks I may be one of those visitors who, once arrived, digs their heels in, spreads their belongings around the place and doesn’t show any signs of leaving, so I shall stop here momentarily.

Lets all collect ourselves, stand up, stretch and leave it there for now.  I think we could all do with a little break before embarking on the Hot and Hairy part of this post.

See you back here next Thorin Thursday as we delight in his lusciousness and  majestic-ness (yes it’s a word).  Farewell dear readers until next week…

Oh, and here’s another pretty picture. Just to keep you going until then.

brooding thorin

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  1. Welcome, Lady Oakenshield, to the brave company of the like-minded Ardent Armitage Admirers, the terminally smitten, the irrecoverably addicted, the sighing “pants droppingly” besotted. Welcome to an “unexpected journey” through a new world with its own geography, including the Naughty Corner (which is the size of a large palace) for the wicked wenches among us who cannot and will not stop our minds from going to wondrous NC17 places. Welcome to a new vocabulary of apt verbs and superlatives, of new meanings to words you thought you knew (raspberries and peaches, anyone?). Welcome to a company of those who share a belief in nurturing and nourishing, and finding joy where we can. We come from all over the world; when you’re up and online, a like-minded soul is never far away.

    • Thank you Leigh! I’m afraid I frequent the naughty corner more and more as I fall deeper and deeper into my RA obsession. I never get anything done!

      • Some of us rely on Richarding and visits to the naughty corner as rewards for completing various tasks. Or, as I sometimes do, use fantasy as a motivational tool. For example, imagine that Lucas will be stopping by in an hour — quick, fresh blue sheets on the bed, fresh towels in clean bathroom, vacuum, put vodka in the freezer, etc. For Thorin, make sure the place is tidy, with room enough to park his weapons, hang up his cloak, and so on.

        • Oh I like that idea- naughty corner as a reward?! I’m off to make a To Do list, so I can reward myself nicely later. Where to start… Hair accessories and bathroom tidy for a hair braiding session I think…

  2. Leigh, (our resident wordsmith) as ever has said it better than anyone else could. I discovered this site about a year ago: along with many delights and pleasures it has brought me new friends (and an enriched vocabulary). Stay with us, you’ll love it!

    I have experienced a similar journey as you but with Guy – who is not just SND but lives,breathes and is permanently resident in a specially-partitioned-hard-drive bit of my brain. So I empathise (or is it sympathise?) 🙂

    Very much looking forward to Parts 2 & 3.

    • *takes small bow* Ta, wydville, but I am not the only wordsmith here. Angie is quite the writer herself, and you, my dear, dangled a morsel of Guy fic in front of me that was far from shabby. Hasn’t our favourite dark knight been nudging you sufficiently, poking you incessantly?

      • P.S. Empathy is the capacity to feel what others feel, so technically to empathise is to climb into their emotions with them. To sympathise is similar, but more to sit beside the person feeling the emotions, know what they are feeling, and care, but not share the same crippling pain and suffering.

    • Sir Guy (who is SND) showed me what an amazing and versatile actor Richard can be (oh, and he’s hot! That leather and the smirk? *swoon*) I totally have that specially-partitioned-hard-drive in my brain for Thorin. I had to go and get more memory though as he is taking up more and more space! Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

  3. Welcome, Bec! 🙂 Wonderful write-up of your tumble into Armitage Admiration! I’m looking forward to reading the next two installments. (Oh, that hair …)

    What Leigh said … why mess with perfection! *giggle*

    I, too, came to this site during my introduction to Mr. A, just a little over a year ago. (Guy is the one who ensnared me, but Harry stole my heart.) I haven’t looked back, either. And that’s A Good Thing.

    Keep on Richarding! It’s not only a part of your new vocabulary, it’s a lifestyle. 😉

    • Ah gorgeous Harry! I just saw VoD 2 weeks ago. He is so sweet – and the striped jumpers. Bless. I most certainly will keep Richarding, alas, I am unable to stop even if I wanted to! He is now a permanent fixture with me- like you said, it’s a lifestyle!

  4. Welcome, welcome! Great essay. It’s fun to see that no matter which character first snared you, the overall effect is more or less the same! 🙂 Looking forward to future installments.

  5. Bec, I’m so glad you discovered Richard via The Hobbit, and by extension all of us! You’re such a delightful addition to this fandom. 🙂 Looking forward to reading the next part of your series!

  6. I absolutely love this post, I feel the same way! This is general question to all: in your opinion, what percentage of fangirls have told their significant others about their new RAobssession and what do you think the hubbie’s/ boyfriend’s reaction has been in general? Cheers to all!

    • That’s a good question, and welcome, andarielraine! 😀 My own husband has been incredibly understanding about this all (of course, it’s an old obsession for me now, more than five years LOL) so it would be interesting to hear from some of those newer to the fandom. What say you, ladies??

      • Mine knows (maybe not the precise extent) and is quite chill about it. Feels no threat as, in his eyes, Richard is quite ugly! “But! but! Look at that nose!!” *I’m looking I’m looking*…

        Anybody out there who has to keep it a guilty secret?

    • My LSH (long suffering husband) knows about it, he was with me when i ‘met’ Thorin. I don’t think he gets the er…extent of my love/lust/obsession and the time i spend on it. He rolls his eyes a lot when I’m on Twitter and he stopped watching RobinHood with me after about the 4th episode because apparently I kept sighing and shifting in my seat! He also doesn’t know I read fan fic… *whistles and looks innocent*

      • Ha ha. My LSH and I have been married for *cough*-five years and this is the first time I have ever been in any wise clandestine about my activities.
        Maybe just as well your LSH stopped watching after Ep4. I’ll hazard a guess that sighing and shifting in your seat were the least of your probs when when you hit S2!

        • Yes we have also been married for 5 years and this is a whole new experience! I feel sorry for him really but well, I just can’t help myself, I spend so much time watching, on the computer Richarding. I asked him to watch Strike Back with me but he declined!

    • Welcome andarielraine! My sweet hubby thinks it’s “cute” that I have this, as he calls it, “involvement” with Mr. A. Most of the time, he just smiles and nods his head. He is a true enabler, though … he not only encourages me, but also surprises me with RA-related stuff. And things to keep my RAddiction going. 😉 For example, he bought me an iPod so I could listen to endless RA audio on my weekly trek to visit my Mom. Probably the sweetest thing he did, outside of going to see the movie with me — twice, was to make me a CD with lots of my favorite music on it. And the last track … he went out and found an audio interview with RA and included it. Isn’t he cute? 😀

  7. ………I have not been with my fella’ for years now, and I just drape myself over the other end of this little ‘pute (like boot) table and fondly remember…, and chuckle at some of your guys(sound adorable themselves!…)…I am ancient single mom w/ 3 sons, one 11-months younger than RA born, July22, and 6ft 2 1/2 inchs.as skinny as Himself and ..blond!…….Then I thought to share this moment …….my #1 FAV pic of RA is …holding that TEENY-TINY lego THORIN in his BEAUTIFUL,LONG-G-G Finga’s, with that DELIGHTFULLY BOY-SMILE! , and thinking …Does his Mom see her 11-12 yr old come to tell her he’s been chosen for the play, THE HOBBIT, at the Birmingham Theatre, and NOW, IS THE WORLD’s THORIN LEGO FIGURE!!… for the ENTIRE WORLD!?!?!……..My face hurts from my BIG,FAT SMILE!!!!!…OMG!, I love that !!!!!!!…….Guys!…can’t live with’em…Can’t live WITHOUT ‘EM..!..and HE is some Guy……!!!!!!!!….

    • That’s a wonderful picture, one of my very favorite ones. This beautiful man all done up as the fierce warrior, but wearing that delightful boyish smile. You look at it and you can’t help but smile yourself!!

  8. I think it’s amazing that Richard does this to so many ladies (and gents, too!) We see him in a role, immediately look him up on the internet and become obsessed for life! It doesn’t matter if it’s N&S (which is when it happened to me) or TH, we all have such similar experiences. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time for twittering and other things. I just look at a few sites and sometimes comment. This site and richardarmitage.net are my two daily visits. I do watch You tube videos and read the occasionally fan fic! Oh, look, I’m late for work again!!!

    • I spend waaaay too much time on richarding, but then im enjoying myself some figure what’s the harm(house a mess, kids not fed, ironing to do…) glad you could relate to the post. He really does send us all into a tizzy doesn’t he!?

      • I agree, no harm done if you can keep up with the important things! My house looks like a tornado blew threw! (Which is really sad, because it’s just me and Buddy the kitten!) But here I am checking out some Richard sites instead of cleaning! Well, here’s Bud with a toy feather…gotta go play!

  9. Hey Bec! Loved your wee story about how you fell for The Hot Dwarf King! (That’s also what I have re-named The Hobbit…in my head! ;P)
    I can completely relate to how you left the cinema in a state of utter euthoria!! 🙂
    I’ve been swooning over Armi for a fair number of years now, so I went to the cinema super excited to see him on the big screen in such a big role! Still, nothing – not all the pics, the posters…the hype, the anticipation – nothing prepared me for how much finally seeing RA a Thorin knocked me sideways! Honestly, I went back to my friend’s house that night and we didn’t go to bed until 4am!! Even then he filled my dreams! 😉
    It’s been amazing to see the love for this fine fella grow and intensify! He really is one of a kind!

    I’m new to the whole blogging thing too – I “lurked” for a long while, (because I’m a shyling ^_^), before the lovely Agzy over at iwanttobeapinup suggested I create a post (or two) for FanstRA. It’s such a wonderful, exciting experience, though a wee bit of a nervy one too! But definitely worthwile! And it allows you to vent all the Armitage luuurve! hehe!

    Looking forward to part 2 of your Thorin love story! 🙂


    • Thanks for stopping in, littlesallyboots, and welcome. Bechep was a bit nervous about this as well, but I assured her if she wrote it, you would come (to paraphrase that line from Field of Dreams). 😉 And close to 50 comments later and a number of “likes” I’d say things went just fine. She already has a very enjoyable part 2 written up and waiting to be posted next Thursday. 😀

      Richard was simply stunning as Thorin on the big screen. The Man has star power, that allure that just draws you to him. Presence!!

      • Howdy, and thanks muchly for the welcome ^^
        Tis a nervy thing, knowing your words will be “out there” for all to see… but yes, from reading all the lovely, equally enthusiastic and Armi-loved-up responses, I’d say it all went very well indeed! 🙂 Aw, very much looking forward to part two!

        Oh my, yes, most definitely stunning – swoon-er-iffically so! 😉 I’ve never fully recovered from that first trip to see The Hobbit – nor do I want to! hehe! 😉


    • I LOVED your posts for Fanstra. The whole department store for Richard? (and I have accepted the position of mananging the Thorin section by the way!) Perhaps it should have been called The Hot Dwarf King – thats really the what the movie is about (for me anyway- with a few elves, orcs and a hobbit thrown in for variety) Do you have your own blog?
      Hope you enjoy part 2!

      • I’m so happy you to have you on board! My first Amazing Armitage Gift shop recruit! Yey! Ah, the fun we will have playing with all the merchandise…*ahem* 😀
        I think The Hot Dwarf King is a much more fitting name, teehee! Okay, the Hobbit is kind of important, but we all know who the film is reeeaaally about! ;P
        I don’t have my own blog, no; my guest spots were my first ever posts. It’s something I’ve thought about since, but there’s so many amazing ones out there, I’m not sure I could cut it in the long run!! (that’s the shyling in me! o_o) I’ve just come across yours though – it’s really cute! And full of beauuutiful Thorin pics – swooooon!! ^_^

  10. “Richarding” – I didn’t know that term yet. But it appears that I am already quite adept at richarding myself, haha. Loved reading your story, Bec – I always find it interesting to see how new victims, eh, fans are drawn into this obsession, eh, fandom (where’s the strikethrough when you need it??)
    I am playing the RA obsession down a little bit in front of my SO. He does not know that I write regular posts on RA and that I endlessly re-blog RA pictures on tumblr and add saucy comments. Nonetheless, he has copped on that there is something going on… could it be Sir Guy as my iPhone wallpaper? The 2013 calendar that is continuously stuck on Thorin? The seven postcards (from RArmy members around the world) with RA above my desk? My favourite mug that says “Mrs Richard Armitage”? The list goes on… here’s to our patient SOs!

    • I suspect that Sir Guy on your phone and the mug may give him a clue! I have noticed a couple of days ago that my husband hasnt shaved for a while – I wonder if he is attempting to grow a beard!?

        • Well it’s only professional to give the merchandise a test run first to make sure it’s all working as it should *cough*
          I feel the same about my blog, there are do many amazing ones and mine is just a little insignificant one but I have had fun writing the posts so far. You should definitely consider doing one, you are hilarious! (Even if you are a shyling)

          • Test-runs are good. *ggg*
            And oh, blogging is fun, Bec, I know. I have actually four blogs of my own, one of whom is dedicated to RA. Mind you, I cannot really commit to regular posting on it – I have too much to say about Armitage. But I write a regular post every week on me+richard, called *ooof*.

            • Whoops! that reply for posted in the wrong reply box! It was meant for Sally_boots, my reply to you seems to have gone missing in the universe somewhere! (Had a technology malfunction!)

              I’m sure I’ve seen your me+Richard blog. It’s hard to find the time to do posts but I am enjoying it. I may not be a writer but I just put down whatever is in my head and hope its good enough!

              Sorry about the mix up with replies!

              • I thought your reply sounded like it was meant for me 😉 Naughty interweb has a mind of its own sometimes;)
                Aye, testing the Armi merchandise: it’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it, hehe!
                Your blog most definitely isn’t insignificant: you’ve put time and a lot of Oakenshield love into it ^^ And it’s great to have lots of like-minded peeps to share the love with 😉
                Bless you, I will think about it. The guest posts were lots of fun…so yeah, maybeee! 😉

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