Guyday Friday: Great Moments in “Hair Acting”



Before there was Thorin and his magnificent mane, there was Sir Guy and those long, tousled locks in S3 of Robin Hood. Dirty and tangled, it served as a curtain a half-mad and booze-soaked Guy hid his shame, grief and self-loathing behind; later, t’was such a becoming, lustrous crown for his handsome-and-don’t-I-know-it! head. Sir Guy flicked and tossed and shook that amazing hair in a most unforgettable sort of way. Give Mr. A an A-plus for excellence in hair acting! (Well, acting all around, of course.)

How many people would love to see Richard play another role requiring S3 Guy hair?








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  1. Oh, yes, count me in! One of the more shallow reasons I have for wanting to see Richard play King Richard III is that the historically correct hairstyle is very close to Guy’s S3. I’d love it if he grew out his own hair rather than having to deal with the pain of extensions, but even so he does look so *wow* and works it so well. You believe, you want to run your fingers through it…

  2. It’s rainy, cold and grey here and I need something, someone beautiful to look and … there is my gorgeous Guy !!! Happy Guyday Friday !

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