Two for Teusday: Portah & Lucas!





Lucas, the cerebral, enigmatic, cool-as-a-cucumber spy and Portah, the tough-as-nails SAS soldier with the tender side. Dedicated heroes and alpha males who are also sexy as hell.  And So Not Dead! What’s not to love here?




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  1. So timely! I totally have Porter on the brain lately (I got my very own copy of SB last weekend – yipee!!! I’ve also learned how to screen cap 🙂 )

  2. Sublime…

    I love John Porter. It’s not just a crush, it’s love. And series 8 Lucas is so beautiful i can even overlook the tattoo’s.


    • john Porter is hard not to love. Can’t understand people who refuse to watch that show. Yeah, there’s some violence but far less than a lot of other film/TV shows (and less than the SB reboot 😦 ) Oddly enough, I generally don’t care for tattoos, but Lucas’s, oh yeah, I could live with those. Or he could get laser removal done as he has in Leigh’s stories. It is rather overwhelming at times, isn’t it?

      • Oh don’t get me wrong – i could live with the tattoo’s! I wouldn’t even make the poor love have them removed – he’s suffered enough already. But i was quietly pleased when RA said he couldn’t see himself having one in real life. And even more pleased TH cast opted for rings as memento’s rather than following in the LOTR casts footsteps with tatts.

        I don’t like violence but i didn’t think SB was too bad. I felt they implied a lot more than they showed. Most crime shows are a lot more gratuitous.

        Speaking of which, i finally got around to seeing Shakespeare Retold/ Macbeth last night. Not a lot of laughs in that. And quite violent too. I’m not sure i will revisit it – RA was woefully underused, especially considering with was post N&S and the BBC really should have known better.

        • In Leigh’s story it was Lucas’s desire to rid himself of those reminders, no woman needling (ha!) him to get rid of the ink . . . but yeah, I’d happily live with them if it was Lucas wearing them. 😀 So MANY of the younger actors and actresses and musicians seem to have tattoos now. Justin Beiber has 10 or 12 and he’s just 18. I feel terribly old-fashioned at times but for me tattoos are for Navy vets, bikers and gang members. I had a co-worker at the paper who was going to Montgomery periodically for laser treatments to get rid of the little Yodi (cartoon character) tattooed on her ankle. The treatments are not cheap, either.

          I guess it’s because I’ve been exposed to American TV my entire life LOL but I didn’t find the violence in the original SB to be over the top. Now, the new version is another story . . .

          I did think James McAvoy was quite good in SR:Macbeth, but I agree, not nearly enough RA for my liking. And yeah, now there was some intense violence.

          Personally, I think the BBC is a little slow on the uptake sometimes. 😉

          • I read an interview with Jude Law at the weekend. He has just forbade his 16 year old son from getting a tattoo, His son apparently thought him a hypocrite because he has them himself. JL’s answer was that tattoo’s are forever and, at 16, you have no concept of what forever is. I thought that was a good answer – as JL has the name of his ex tattooed on, he would know that having a tatt forever is a long time! Lasering is expensive, painful and leaves scars, i believe.

            • That’s what my co-worker said. She has to save up to do it (she has two kids in private school, so lots of their money goes there), it’s painful and it takes several treatments even with just a small tattoo like hers. It’s one thing to pierce your navel or shave your head. You can take out the belly ring, your hair will grow back. But a tattoo is more or less forever. And at 16, you think you are going to live forever and yet can’t envision a time when you will not want this skull or naked woman or name of your girlfriend/boyfriend permanently applied to your body. 😉

              • I attended the annual obligatory H&S training yesterday at the refinery &one of my fellow attendees had a shaved head fully tattooed! He looked a bit like that Dart Maul character from Star Wars. Maybe that was the intention? I’m probably too conservative but I can’t understand how anybody could find that attractive. *shudders*

              • Yeah, maybe this guy was a DM fan. 😉 My nephew has several tattoos now–well, two of my nephews do, but at least one of them is IN the Navy.

  3. The LoTR tatt was tiny if Sir Ian McKellens was typical (he displayed it on one of the chat shows) it could easily be hidden if done discreetly. I’m glad RA managed some skiing otherwise he would have appeared very boring, especially scorning the bungee jumping. He says he thinks about everything three times it just doesn’t match his declaration that he enjoys the adrenline rush, perhaps someone might explain.

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