Get your motor runnin’


Ricky Deeming gets my motor running, how about yours?

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  1. He gets my motor running, that’s for sure. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a motorcycle, but Ricky makes me want to grab my helmet, put my arms around his waist, and go!

    • My dad had a used Harley back in his youth. For years I can recall him talking about his motorcicle, as he called it, and how he wished he still had one. My mother would always shake her head and say, “Joe, you’d just go and get yourself killed.” Well, a man could dream, anyway . . .

      • It is quite a dream, isn’t it? As far as getting oneself killed, there are lots of ways to do just that without using a motorcycle. If you’re a responsible rider, with a functioning mind, it does not have to be any more dangerous than any other mode of transportation and it’s probably safer than a small plane.

        • I always wished he’d had the chance to at least ride one again while he was still young and able enough to do so. Hey, he managed to solo in a small plane after WWII and didn’t crash it. 😉

    • Same here Judit! They terrify me, but maybe, just maybe, I’d be brave enough if Ricky asked! 😉 When my husband and his two brothers were young they desperately wanted a motor bike as we called them back then. His Mom basically said that if they did she would leave. Their response? “Bye Mom”. Cheeky brats!! Needless to say they never did get one! My second son has one he uses from time to time but I still hate them – especially Harley’s and other loud ones. *shudders*

      • Ironically, my oldest sister, who worked trauma at University Hospital in Birmingham right after graduation, and saw many terrible head injuries from motorcycle accidents, was adamant her children did not ride motorcycles. However, my oldest niece ended up marrying a man who rides/works on motorcycles. Turns out that was the least objectionable thing about him–they are splitting up, too. 😉 I suspect motorcycles, as with cars, are more or less dangerous depending on who is operating the vehicle–how skilled, how responsible, how alert they are.

        • I think the stats show that most severe injuries and casualties are in the males under 25 bracket, a group that makes actuaries shudder. There are exceptions, of course, but many in that group still believe that they are immortal, invulnerable, and that they can take risks irresponsibly. One of my daughter’s friends got a wake-up call when he totaled his bike being stupid. His wife reminded him he was a parent and he had to stay alive in one piece.

  2. I did not know this role of Richard, thanks for the happy discovery: WOW, I have no words, so rebellious… it’s hot, I have to open the window…this bad boy is a source of temptations. Fantastic video..

  3. It seems to happen to many of us, Giulia!! I think he really does contribute to “global warming”! 😉 He is amazing as Ricky Deeming (as he seems to be in everything he does) and of course looks great in leather. 🙂 Certainly gets my motor running!!

    • well said Teuchter, he contributes to “global warming”, and he is perfect and believable in every role he plays. I have my helmet ready too. Go go go

  4. This was interesting timing for me. I just finished reading an article and an interview concerning this character. The article called him “homoerotic” and seemed to hint that Ricky was gay, which would have been very dangerous for him with the bikers. He said he had to learn to ride an older model cycle and couldn’t get the knack of shifting so he was sailing along at 50mph in first gear and hoped no one would notice. Somehow I don’t think viewers were looking at the bike as he sped by…

    • I know for a fact that I wasn’t looking at the motor cycle! I was always much more interested in the rider. 😉 I have to admit, even though bikes scare me, I’ll stop and admire a nice-looking one! The bike that is – not the driver – unless it happened to be Ricky or his creator! 🙂 I wonder how many actors would have actually admitted that they hadn’t got the knack of the gear shift though?

    • In the story, Billy Lister is Ricky’s friend and new biker initiate. Drawings of Ricky that could be seen as homoerotic turn up among Billy’s things after Billy’s death, and it’s implied that Billy had a gay crush on Ricky. Whether he did anything about it or not has been explored in fanfic.

      • As I recall, Billy also tries to kiss him at one point in the café and Ricky pushes him away a bit angrily, which is another tick in the box for the police to suspect Ricky. Ricky is enigmatic and his sexuality treated in a somewhat ambiguous fashion in the episode.

  5. Just saw Richard as Ricky Deeming a week and a half ago. I was not looking at the bike that is for sure, but now the rider oh yes. I just hope I didn’t like an idiot with that grin on my face, that I caught myself with. Was my family watching me or the show? I hope the show.

    • Those silly grins are prone to cross our faces, along with our heart rates climbing, our breathing becoming slightly shallow, eye widening . . . all perfectly normal due to the Armitage Effect. 😉

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