10,000 followers at Richard Armitage Net today. Congrats!


Just found out via Twitter that Ali’s wonderful site–an absolute must for any true RA fan–has now gained 10,000 followers. Ali told us earlier that the numbers really spiked upward after the Twitter Q&A and today reached that milestone. Hooray!

I told Ali earlier I was a fan from the days of a previous site, Army Dreamers, and I have enjoyed watching Richard Armitage Net grow and flourish over the years.  Who of us doesn’t love the Picture of the Day (POD), or checking out the latest poll results? And we know Ali works hard to keep us abreast of all the latest Richard news, from the most recent photos (and older ones that have newly surfaced) to print and video interviews.

As Richard’s career grows and his fanbase widens, more and more people will come to discover Ali’s site. I just want to say “thank you” for all your hard work, Ali. Congrats!

You can follow Ali at Twitter at @Ranetdotcom (which I highly recommend if you aren’t already following and you have a Twitter account) to stay uber-up-to-date.  Or keep her page bookmarked on your computer and refresh it regularly.  www.richardarmitagenet.com  She is also at Facebook!

And here’s that latest interview with Lorraine in HD–courtesy of Ali’s 13-year-old whiz kid. Seems it runs in the famly.

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  1. Congratulations to Ali!

    Can I also add, for those not aware, that Ali has links to Amazon.com and .uk on the site – click on the links and Amazon give RA’s charities a share of the profits. I have her page saved to favourites and automatically go there when ordering anything. It’s so easy, thanks to Ali.

  2. The first thing in my day is the pic of the day and where it came from. Between Ali’s PODs, and your artistic adaptations, Angie, I’ve gotten to the point of wondering how many pictures this iPad can actually store. And I don’t need WIFI to wander through them, only battery power. What a gift!
    Many thanks to you both. Guess I’ll have to learn about Twitter. Is there a Twitter for Dummies?

    It was so nice to read your kind comments about your former high school art teacher, Angie, about her influence on you. As part of the second generation from a three-generation family of high school teachers, I can immediately identify and feel a vicarious satisfaction from such praise for a colleague.

    We teach so many students who go on far and fast, and adolescence is such a time of turmoil, that we rarely get to hear about the impact we have had years later. I heard a story like that about my Dad, when he was sick with Alzheimer’s and couldn’t appreciate it.

    I in turn often think of my French Lit professor, whose manner of teaching had a tremendous impact on my thinking and on my approach to everything. His constant question was, “Quel est le but de l’auteur?”

    He was a reserved man, and I just went on as students do, without telling him how important his class had been to my life, apart from the immediate subject matter, because I didn’t realize it until well after graduation. Ends and means, how and whether they fit together, this is crucial for understanding no matter what.

    So thanks for recognizing your high school teacher.

    • I am glad you enjoyed the post on Priscilla. She’s really a terrific lady (I was in her class for three years) and managed to teach me some great life lessons aside from the subject matter at hand. I am a former teacher myself and really loved and respected the outstanding ones along the way (I was fortunate to have quite a few).

  3. Thanks Angie, it’s very kind of you to blog about it. 10,000 followers who’d have thought eh?!
    A sure sign that Richard’s popularity has risen dramatically in recent months.

    • Thank YOU Ali for all your hard work and continued enthusiasm for our fave actor. Much appreciated! And thanks for linking the color corrected version, too! You are a peach. 😉

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