Rich, you don’t look like you felt great, either. Get some rest, hon!


Is Richard currently battling a cold? Or did the great Twitter debacle yesterday just take the mickey out of him? Either way, he didn’t quite sound like himself and he looked rather tired (gorgeous, yes, but tired) on Lorraine Kelly‘s show this morning on ITV. I confess I am in the midst of an FMS flare-up and not feeling “so sporty” myself, as my dear old dad used to say, so this may be coloring my view this morning.

Unfortunately, we didn’t really learn anything new from this morning’s interview, other than the possibility Richard might be interested in doing some classical theatre–Chekov was mentioned–but nothing re Richard III or any other new film projects possibly on the horizon (of course, Black Sky is in a bit of a limbo with the VFX company used for the film now in bankruptcy).

Richard was his usual charming, modest, rather shy self–did he seem somewhat more subdued than usual to anyone else, I wonder? Again, this could be due to him being a bit under the weather.  We did get to see the beginnings of the beard (sorry, Judi!) and the hair is definitely shorter (mixed feelings on that).  And was that chest hair I spied? I do believe it was.


Richard posing with Lorraine. From Lorraine’s Twitter.



Richard outside ITV studios, courtesy of Maria Neronova on Twitter. Richard, you look “weak-eyed,” as my dear old Mama used to say when this blue-eyed girl was ill.

I hope Richard gets some R&R before he returns to hit it hard in New Zealand filming the rest of TH. And not climbing Machu Picchu or anything of that sort. REST is a four-letter word, yes, but not a bad one, RA. Looks like you could genuinely use some.  You are a super human being, but you aren’t superhuman. I don’t want Margaret having to worry unnecessarily about her boy. Or us, for that matter!

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  1. I think he looks exhausted, poor guy–definitely looks like he could use a few days off, some sleep, and some taking care of (sorry if it isn’t grammatically correct!). I think maybe he wasn’t quite ready for the never-ending intensity of “The Hobbit” juggernaut–please, Richard, try to take care of yourself and give yourself a break here and there. Nothing wrong with hiding out for a few days before you have to head back to NZ.

    • Some restful sleep, kicking back with a favorite DVD and a pint of wine 😉 and plenty of TLC from someone. That had to be exhausting, that juggernaut–I don’t know how he managed to hold up as well as he did, honestly I don’t. Maybe it all finally caught up with him a bit. I agree, cut yourself some slack now and again, my hard-working sweetheart. You deserve it and you need it.

    • Thanks, I really did wonder if I was just letting how tired and achy I felt influence me too much. I do know when I am feeling poorly the first place it shows is in my eyes, and his eyes just didn’t have their usual zestful sparkle. :-/ I worry about him burning himself out sometimes. I know he’s been jetting around the world constantly over the last few months. Dare I say he’s not as young as he used to be (don’t anybody throw anything at me, but let’s face it, it gets harder to bounce back from it all the older we get). Hoping for the decent rest, too.

      • I am a longtime fibromyalgia sufferer, Angie, and feel like dirt a great deal of the time myself–you can look at someone and tell if they aren’t 100%. He did strike me as being a little under the weather. I think he’s just been pushing himself very hard to keep up with the flow and maybe it’s caught up with him a bit. I truly do hope he’ll take a little time to kickback and get some much deserved downtime.

        • Oh, Stephanie, I feel your pain. Literally. Today is one of those “Someone took a Louisville Slugger to my body and worked me over” kind of days. If I didn’t maintain a sense of humor about it all, I am not quite sure what I would do. I think it’s what we all hope for him–he works so hard, putting his all into his roles and into supporting the film. Let him be willing to allow himself to get some rest.

          • Absolutely–I hope he allows himself time to eat tons of chocolate ice cream, drink lots of good wine, sleep until he feels like getting up, and watch his favorite dvds as much as he likes. Back in the days when I worked two and three jobs at a time, those were my main remedies to try to replenish myself! We don’t want him burning himself out with another stretch of “Hobbit” filming so soon on the horizon!

  2. Forgot–I also think the Twitter disaster would have knocked the stuffins’ out of anyone, even someone as hardy as our blue-eyed hero. Powers that be should have planned a bit better!

      • I fear that as a non-tweeter, I only got them from those who shared, and it seemed a sad waste that it wasn’t better done. Then I watched the Lorraine interview and my first thought was “Uh-oh, you’ve got plane ‘flu.” Then I saw the pictures from Lorraine’s twitter. I enlarged the view and sure enough, red puffy eyes to go with the pallor. Go back to your digs and rest, Richard. Use the neti pot, drink warm fluids (mulled wine counts), and (listen to Angie) REST. As my doctor once yelled at me, “Stay down!” I hope there is someone looking after Richard, seeing that he takes good care.

        Angie and Stephanie, I’m sorry you’re having bad fibro days; I am, too. There’s been so much rain, the river has flooded the road in front of my house. If this doesn’t stop, we may need to evacuate.

        • Once I saw Jas was posting them intermittently, I just let it go. I felt bad yesterday, too, and the whole debacle wasn’t helping at ALL. On the plus side, I did get some nice Hobbit fanart done during the long periods of nothing. Loving those new Blu-ray screencaps at Gallicka.

          I hope RA does get some rest. He clearly needs it, bless his heart. I am sure there are many who would offer to take tender loving care of that dear man.

          I am sorry to hear the weather is being so precarious there. It is a beautiful day here, the wind so much lighter and the sky the most stunning shade of blue, and I took advantage of it to take a walk, even though I really had to talk myself into it. Hope the rain stops very, very SOON. ((hugs)) Keep us posted.

        • I am so sorry to find that you, too, are a member of the great fibro club–the weather here has been very cold, windy and snowy, although we are supposed to have better temperatures over the weekend and I’m hoping that will help. I kind of feel like I’ve been playing football–just aching all over.

          Really hoping that Richard will find some time to rest and build himself up before heading out again. He definitely needs to take care of himself or take a run to Leicester and let his mom pamper him for a little while. That’s the other thing I think he’s a bit short of right now–some serious pampering.

  3. I loved this interview but he didn’t look well did he bless him. I thought he sounded like he had a cold. I hope he can get some rest while he’s home and perhaps some TLC from his mom.

    • Definitely a cold-sinus-allergies or something. His voice reminded me of Guy’s during the ep when he was battling a cold. I suspect Margaret would love a chance to fuss over her beloved boy.

  4. In my opinion he is not tired, I think I still sleepy! To be ready (and beautiful as ever) at 8 am in a TV studio, should be out of bed at least 2 hours. before, who is going to look good so early in the morning!

    • But he also managed to look great on American TV quite early in the morning, Beth, and in past early morning interviews on Brit TV, so I don’t think it can just be put down to sleepiness. His voice sounded as if he definitely had some sort of cold/sinus issues going on, which would be enough to dampen his usual glow. 😉

  5. At the Apple Store appearance in December he seemed to be battling something, having to clear his throat quite a bit, and carrying his own bottle of water. And now here he is again seemingly with a cold. After the Hobbit publicity and all the travelling between the UK and the States, it wouldn’t be surprising if he was run down. Home to Leicester for some TLC from mum sounds like the answer to me too. I really hope he gets some down time to recover.

    Angie, Stephanie and Leigh, sorry to hear you’re under the weather too with your FMS. Take care, and I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

    • Just by nature of what he’s been doing to promote the film, he’s had to talk a lot and been around a lot of other people, many of whom I’m sure have been fighting off colds and flu–and flying all over the world in a gazillion different time zones and I’m sure not getting enough sleep. I have to agree with Angie–I’m amazed he’s managed to hold up as well as he has. But then, that’s Richard, I think–always doing his best. It’s one of the reasons we love him. I’m still cringing over the story of the poor guy going to the Hobbit auditions with what sounds like a horrendous back injury from a stunt in “Spooks”. We should all be sending Reiki thoughts his way, to help him weather this as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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