A cat so sweet and lovely I wish I could afford to clone her--Callie.

The chocolate, caramel and cream-colored beauty is Callie. The long-haired diva is Puddin’, who has been featured in a couple of my fanfics. These guys gave me a lot of comfort in the first weeks after my car accident. Even now Miss Callie is tucked up against me, purring away. I know everybody isn’t a cat person, but everybody appreciates a friend when in need. 😀 I see Richard as a guy who likes animals, although his lifestyle would make it hard to have a pet. I can envision the Athletic Armitage playing with a dog in the park or going for a jog with the canine on a leash. Introspective Armitage I imagine sprawled out on a big, comfy couch with coffee or a glass of wine and a novel or script, a purring cat at his side. I mean, the man does remind you of a big ol’ feline . . .

Two of my “furry babies” & musings on Armitage as pet owner

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      • I loved Puddin’ as she took out the Sheriff in “Dangerous to Know” and I can imagine her purring as she did the deed. Lovely kitty!

        Callie looks ever so sweet, a quiet beauty.

        Yes, I can see Richard enjoying companion critters. I expect that they’re drawn to him in much the same way that we are. Yet as you say, his current lifestyle is not conducive to pet ownership, and he seems to be a very responsible person.

  1. Oh they are absolutely gorgeous!!!!Thank you for sharing these beauties with us. I’m definitely a cat person – with an allergy to cat fur unfortunately. Cruel! 😦
    Yes, RA does remind me of a majestic black panther especially as Guy.:)

    • Thanks. I think they are lovely but I am a bit partial. I need to get some better pics of our third cat. She’s black and white with three legs and a Hitler mustache. 😉

      (A dog attached her as a kitten and a friend rescued her and took her to the vet. Doc Watson had to amputate the leg and sew her belly back up and really didn’t expect her to live. But she did, and the friend could not keep her and, well, she ended up with us . . . suckers for pets in need).

      Guy is a big sleek powerful cat indeed . . . 😉

  2. Just when I determine that I’m not posting on any additional blogs, no matter how many I follow, you go & play the “Cat Card.” They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them and thank them for allowing me.

  3. How sweet they are! I just lost my long time kitty friend before Christmas. I’m looking for a new friend to move in. I agree with both assessments: active Richard and a dog; quiet Richard with a cat. Wouldn’t it be great if you could call him up to ask him?? And I’ve always thought of Richard as a great big, cat!

    • There’s just something about a cat . . . I love my doggies, too, but when i am in a contemplative mood, I like having the company of a cat, the philosophers of the animal kingdom. If I could call Richard up, I have a fear that when he answered I would start making those “Dawn French imitating Emma Thompson in ‘Sense and Sensibility'” sounds . . . 🙂 Wouldn’t you like to make the great big cat purr?

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