Cerebral. Enigmatic. Loyal. Dedicated. Dangerous. Haunted. Beautiful. Cat-like. Sexy as hell . . . and So Not Dead.  Let’s celebrate Luscious Lucas, shall we?

Here’s Lucas North: Sexy Spyman (A gratuitous Lucas North video) set to the classic Peter Gunn theme:

One of my early Lucas vids, set to Goldfrapp’s seductive “Oh-la-la”—“Oh child of Venus, you’re just made for love . . .”

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  1. “Luscious Lucas” — so right! Great way to start my morning, looking at these beautiful pictures of our gloriously SND Lucas. Thank you.

    • Thanks! Looking at Lucas makes me feel better. I just focus on remembering him as the HERO he truly was–not that pathetic creature they tried to foist on us. Long Live Luscious Lucas!!

  2. My comment seems to have disappeared so I’ll try again. 🙂 Great videos and wonderful pictures! What a lovely way to end my day! 😉

    • Came in as anonymous so it went into the moderate section. Happened to obscura earlier. Glad I could bring your Saturday night to a luscious close. 😉 Sweet dreams, my dear.

  3. What a treat to wake up to!! Ten times better than breakfast in bed 😀 Celebrate Lucas? I’m in!! I discovered Richard with lovely Harry, but it was luscious Lucas who made me a fan for life ❤ Breathtaking pictures, Angie! Thank you so much for helping me start my day with massive smile on my face 😀

  4. Lucas North is one of my favorite RA characters. I think that RA appears devastatingly handsome in Spooks. I have a huge collection of photos of RA as Lucas North that I love looking at. That warning photo I don’t recall though. What does the entire photo look like? That is RA’s ass and thighs???? WHOA!

    • That piece of fanart is from a screencap of Lucas having the punch-up with Robinov in the pool in Series 8 of Spooks. I cropped Robinov out of the picture and focused on what was important. The bodacious bootie and delicious dancer’s thighs, of course! 😉

  5. a wonderful wake up, thanks Angie. The first photo is breathtaking, and the other ones and the vid stun. What a magnetic man. I just re-watched Spooks 7, I love Lucas, I would be very happy to spy on him

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