Harry’s Got That Gemutlichkeit: TAE Word for the Day


Gemutlichkeit: (noun) warm friendliness; coziness, comfortableness.  The word comes from German word gemutlich (comfortable, cozy). Earliest documented use: 1892.

If “troth” made me think of John Standring, this word made me think of a certain tall, lanky handsome stranger with a penchant for striped jumpers.


I think of the warmth of that dazzling smile with which he greets the vicar and Alice on their visit to Sleepy Cottage; of his sweet and sunny personality and how good it must be to cuddle with someone like Mr. Kennedy.

Harry exudes gemutlichkeit.

I can easily imagine a cold winter’s eve, curling up beneath a quilt on a comfy sofa in front of a cozy fire, head resting on one broad and reliable jumper-clad shoulder,  listening to Harry read aloud in that delicious chocolate voice . . .



I hope you find some gemutlichkeit in your life this holiday season, my friends.

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  1. I love Harry, he has a special place in my heart because he introduced me to Richard 🙂 I was besotted from the very first moment he came up on the screen… And I haven’t stopped ever since…

  2. Sweet Harry. I keep thinking that I read, somewhere, that Richard identifies most with harry than all of other characters. I just hope he has a little naughty Guy side. 🙂

    • Yes, he has said his personality is the most like Harry’s. But he also admits to a “filthy temper” at times and has said he likes a woman with a naughty side. Having seen him in flirtatious mode with some of his female interviewers, I would definitely say he’s got a naughty side, too. 😉

  3. What a lovely thought, cuddling with Harry while he reads aloud on a winter evening. “Gemutlichkeit”, a long word meaning “Yummy”…

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