Twofer Tuesday: Iconic Armitage


John Thornton was the leading role that really put Richard on the radar for many fans. Now few can imagine anyone else filling the Victorian mill owner’s shoes better than Richard Armitage did. Whilst The Hobbit hasn’t yet debuted on the big screen, I have no doubt Thorin will become his second iconic role, winning him scads of new fans worldwide. Here’s to two amazing chaRActers carefully crafted and filled with passion and purpose by our RA: Thornton and Thorin!!

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  1. Mr. Thornton has a special place in my heart, I love him, thanks to this character I met RA, and now Thorin will win new hearts and bring joy to know RA to many people. We are proud of him.

  2. Your title says it all, Angie! “Iconic Armitage.” No-one, but no-one could EVER be John Thornton but Richard Armitage, IMHO! He made that character his own (as I believe he has also done with each character he as played) and to me it would be bordering on the sacriligeous for anyone else to attempt to play that role. Maybe I am biased having “met” him through N&S, but so many others are of the same opinion I don’t think I’m wrong. He is a very special character to me just as I believe Thorin will also become. I’m positive that Peter J., Fran and Philippa must be thrilled that they chose the only man who could take on that role and “become” Thorin in a way that I doubt anyone else could have done. I’m sure we shall be more than a little overcome when we finally get to see him work his magic once again. *sigh* Or maybe that should be – *swoon*

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