A winter warm-up: ’tis the season to thud


I know from Twitter that it’s down right frosty where a lot of you live. We are actually having mild weather here in LA (Lower Alabama). Even so, I am not opposed to doing some warming up via these fellows below. In fact, they might make us all work up a sweat . . .


349327C2-1A6C-433C-8FA2-5C84909FFFFEcc (2)



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  1. I really need some warming-up, and these pictures really do help! Today we’ve had some -12 degrees C, maybe a bit warmer in mid-day. It is much colder than this time normally. We have a lot of snow now also here in the Southern Finland. We’ve had really a lot of snow in the south in the three previous winters, so much so it was almost impossible to believe your eyes. I do love winter and snow, but there really was no limit to the amount of snow last year.

    Last Friday we had our first snow and it was snowing heavily the whole day. Still, I wanted to go a take some Hobbit-related photos in the movie theatre centre (with 14 theatres) where I will see The Hobbit. I took some photos and then decided to take a break on a sofa round the corner. I thought I’d checked out the whole place, but there I just looked up and saw a HUGE Thorin poster!! There were no other big posters there featuring the other characters, only Thorin! OMG was I pleased and amazed to see it 🙂 It’s the same one as on the Empire magazine cover.

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