It’s been suggested that John Porter looked too good to be an SAS soldier turned agent for MI6. And they are probably right. However, this does not stop me from loving how he rocks his various outfits and disguises. For example, John Porter with that gazelle-like neck of his looks swell with it swathed in a scarf.

And when he wraps it around his head, hiding everything but his eyes, he looks like the masculine equivalent of a harem girl. All we can see are those those eyes–keen, intense, beautiful. You just long to know what else is under the fabric.

So here’s to you, Portah. Brave, heroic, resourceful, dangerous–and a guy who looks swell in scarves. (Screencaps courtesy of RANet and Richard Armitage Central Gallery.)

John Portah looks swell in scarves

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    • Oh, and I also love all his accessories. He looks so hot in his sunglasses. And I think those bracelets are the equivalent of dog tags–and I really like them. Watches look so good on those delicate wrists and draw attention to his beautiful hands.

  1. That scarf should always be wrapped around Porter’s neck! He looks fabulous in it. LOL,”masculine equivalent of a harem girl.” RA as a harem girl could be quite interesting. πŸ˜‰

    • I enjoy writing Guy as a highwayman because–well, in those thigh-high boots and the velvet frock coat and the sword and flintlock, he looks so darned handsome. But he also has his tricorn, a domino over his upper face and a silk scarf over his lower face when he is ordering those he robs to “stand and deliver.” I imagine the glint in those beautiful blue eyes and that husky velvet and chocolate voice . . . *sigh*

  2. Can only agree with everything else that’s been said here. πŸ™‚
    I particularly like Porter’s bracelets. They really suit his long elegant wrist, but I can’t recall ever seeing Richard wear one in RL.
    As for the snug black shorts in ep3…mouth-wateringly sexy…*thud*

    • Mez, I will have to go and look, but it seems like there is a photo of him out there where he is wearing a bracelet. Could be wrong, of course, but I agree: he wears bracelets and watches really well. SBS–Snug Black Shorts–are just the ticket for our sexy sergeant. πŸ˜‰

  3. I think he is just heavenly as John Porter! The scarves and camo just seemed to add to the overall gorgeousness, especially when his eyes looked more green than blue! πŸ™‚ Totally stunning!

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