Emily Blunt. (afterellen)

Natalie Portman and a dog who looks amazingly like our late, great pooch. πŸ˜€ (EW)
Kate Winslet(starpulse)

Gwyneth Paltrow (mainstylelist)

Naomi Watts (
Cate Blanchett in her role of Galadriel. (photo by fanpop)

I’ve been trying to put together a poll this morning but polldaddy/wordpressΒ just isn’t cooperating. So if you want to put your two cents’ worth in on this one, you will need to leave a comment. I have photos of some potential leading ladies for Richard, ranging in age from twenty-somethings to forty-somethings of American/British/Australian nationality. All have proven their acting abilities onscreen with several Academy Award winners . And a couple of them (PortmanΒ and Blanchett) Richard has worked/will work with, albeit not in a major capacity. I don’t know if he will have any screen time with Cate in The Hobbit; his work on The Phantom Menace was very slight. Richard has also mentioned Cate as a potential screen partner whose work he admires.

Romola Garai, (gentsanddames@blogspot)

Possible leading ladies for RA? Take a look.

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    • She is one of my faves. Lovely, talented and seems like a really down-to-earth gal in RL. The first thing I ever saw her in was Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures and her performance really made an impression on me.

  1. A very fine selection, Angie! Either of these ladies would be great, but please, please, give them a good script, a creative, smart and inventive director, a happy ending and a couple of Oscars afterwards! πŸ™‚ I’ll be a happy gal then. Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Oh, yes, all the stars must align for our lad. πŸ˜€ And that pooch is a ringer for our late cockapoo terrier (cocker spaniel, poodle and yorkshire terrier mix). I just HAD to include that one).

        • He had the unfortunate name of “Greedy” foisted on him as a puppy. We had adopted him from an animal shelter as a adult dog and that was the name he answered to. I would have come up with something different, that’s for sure. He was not very bright, but he was cute as a button and very loveable. Benny and I were discussing the way he used to ride the lawn mower with my father-in-law. Mr. AC would hold Greedy in one arm while steering with the other. Somewhere, i have photos.

            • Benny has some scanned, I am just not sure if they are all TIFFS which don’t work on wordpress. I will have to check. We owned him back in the days of film cameras. πŸ˜‰

  2. As long as it’s not Keira Knightley. Do you remeber his saying in an interview he kept on referring to her as “Natalie” because he thought it was Portman. This was on set of Star Wars. LOL!
    I’ve noticed that whoever is in a scene with RA, they tend to blend into the background, so I don’t care who the leading lady is as long as she keeps her mitts off him as soon as the director says Cut! πŸ˜‰

    • For some reason, I just can’t see him with Keira. She entered my mind and I am afraid I quickly dismissed her. She was Natalie’s maid in TPM who dressed and was made up to look just like her, so it’s an understandable mistake on RA;s part. πŸ˜‰

      I feel less frustrated when there is real chemistry between RA and his partner and not the manufactured kind–and Richard is at his best onscreen when he is matched with talented actors. He is an emsemble player, after all.

      • That’s very noble, but let’s keep the chemestry onscreen πŸ˜‰ on the other hand the desert of RA news is causing me to think silly thoughts like: well, if he was in a high profile relationship, we’d hear more about him. But that’s just the drought talking πŸ˜‰

        • Hmmm..Would be kind of hard for him to establish a relationship with a high-profile actress at the moment since he’s in NZ and Cate Blanchett is just about the only actress on set? And she’s married with 3 children… πŸ™‚ Can you imagine RA in a “Brangelina” type relationship? Being stalked like that? I prefer the drought! πŸ™‚

    • I don’t like Keira Knightley either. Don’t really know why. I didn’t think her LIzzie Bennet was Oscar-worthy at all! Much, much prefer Jennifer Ehle’s take on Lizzie. KK was good in The Duchess, but I just can’t warm to her for some reason.

      • I am not yet totally convinced of the range of KK’s acting abilities. I have to agree the P&P performance was not really Oscar-caliber (I do love Jennifer Ehle in that role). I have liked her in certain roles, but at times I feel she is relying to much on a few stock mannerisms and expressions.

        • In P&P I found KK very difficult to understand. In fact, both she and Matthew McFadyen spoke their dialogue too quickly and far from clearly enough for my liking, although I did like that version of P&P. It seems to be a trend in a lot of movies and TV shows these days. I turn up the volume in order to hear the dialogue and get blown away by the soundtrack. Thank goodness for subtitles on dvds. I know I’m getting older but I’m not deaf…yet.
          Jennifer Ehle will always be the quintessential Lizzie for me, just as Coin Firth will always be Darcy.

          • Mezz, thank you for bringing that up about difficulty understanding dialogue in many TV shows and movies today. I was beginning to wonder if it was just me. I seem to be constantly racheting up the volume to understand the dialogue and wishing I could lip-read πŸ˜‰ and then being knocked backward by the thunder of violins. Really annoying.

            Speaking of the most recent P&P film, it’s funny, I enjoy it but I don’t really think of it as Pride & Prejudice, if that makes any sense. It’s just a period romance. I remember being absolutely enthralled with the 1996 version when it was televised here and I finally bought it on DVD a couple of years ago.

          • Yea…I absolutely adore Colin and Jennifer in P&P – in fact, I can’t bring myself to watch the newer version even with Matthew McFadyen in it! I loved him in “Little Dorrit”.

            Mezz,…have you been watching “A Gifted Man”? Jennifer plays a smallish role in it – I’ve recorded all the episodes so far but haven’t gotten around to watching it yet either!

            Yes, isn’t it a bummer that the dialogue is so quiet while the background music is so loud in a lot of things?

            I have to ask Matthew and Melanie to slow their speech down sometimes – it’s obviously a generational thing. I tell them my ears are too old to keep up with rapid-fire speech.

            You know who was also hard to understand – Ewan Bremner in “Strike Back”! He was manic even in that “Spooks” episode! However, I do love Jerry!

          • Mezz, I completely agree. There will only ever be one true Darcy and one true Lizzie for me too, no matter how many times they decide to do a remake! I haven’t seen Matthew McFadyen in anything else but he did absolutely nothing for me as Darcy. He was just so NOT Darcy! Sorry to all McFadyen fans out there!

  3. For me, it has to be Cate Blanchett, by a mile. She’s a wonderful actress and Richard himself has said he would like to partner her onscreen. Plus she’s an Aussie! πŸ˜‰ I wonder if there has been any opportunity for the two of them to get together and talk about upcoming projects, the sort of discussion with new connections that will hopefully open up all sorts of possibilities for Richard.

    • I hope he will have that opportunity to talk with Cate, as he obviously has a lot of regard for her and she no doubt could help point him in directions and to connections that would “open up all sorts of possibilities.” That’s one of the things I truly hope results from this experience making The Hobbi–that all the time devoted to these two movies will also allow him to establish friendships and make contacts beneficial to his career and to achieving his future goals.

    • Naomi Watts is also Australian, Mezz, and beautiful!

      You know what just struck me – wouldn’t it be nice if Nicole Kidman ever got to work with Richard? He’d join Hugh Jackman in being a leading man who’s tall enough for her! Sorry, Keith (Urban) – I love you madly but I wish you were a few inches taller for Nicole’s sake!! I think since Nicole gave up using botox, she’s looking beautiful again.

      I’m selfish enough to want Richard to make lots of movies where he’s not required to use an American accent – I want him to always sound English!

      BTW…I hope you all realize that I have absolutely nothing against American accents. Two out of my 4 darling grandbabies have American accents, as does their Daddy!

      It’s just that I’d like us all to keep our own manner of speaking if possible. I know that’s probably not a realistic wish regarding actors as Hollywood has all the money and the power – every actor who wants to be known internationally will have to eventually make at least a few movies/television series in the US. Look at how many Australian actors there are working in America these days – it’s just a shame that most people don’t even know they’re Australians!

      • I am really impressed with Naomi as an actress. She was great in Eastern Promises and I was also blown away with her performance in Mulholland Drive. Even people who otherwise hated that movie gave props to Naomi for her performance. Did you know she will be playing Princess Diana?

        • Really, Angie? No, I didn’t know that. Please tell me more.

          I really liked Naomi in “The Painted Veil” but I’ve never seen “Mulholland Drive”. So it’s a movie…why did I always think it was a television series? and one which we didn’t get here. Never mind. FMS plus Old Age = terribly forgetful!

          Naomi was good with Heath Ledger in the Australian movie “Ned Kelly” – not the greatest movie I’ve ever seen but better than the late1960s version with Mick Jagger as Ned!!!!!

          Gratiana (Lovelace) used photos of Kate Beckinsale and Gina McKee in her fanfic “Lost and Found” and Julianna Moore in “Handsome” – along with photos of Richard as the leading man, of course.

          It would be interesting to see Richard in a movie with any of them, too.

          • I don’t know much more than that Naomi’s been tapped to play Diana in an upcoming movie–I just saw a blurb about it. I am sure if you googled “Naomi Watts Diana” it would come up. You are on the right track. Mulholland Drive was originally supposed to be a TV series. David Lynch shot a pilot and then it was apparently decided it was too weird for TV. Well, this was David Lynch (I loved Twin Peaks, BTW). So he added some more scenes and re-edited and turned it into a feature-length movie. So–it was a TV show AND a movie. πŸ˜‰

            Basically Naomi ends up playing two different characters–kind of like Lucas and John–and she is really good defining each of the characters. I just watched Boogie Nights with Julianne Moore. She was excellent as usual.

          • I haven’t seen that one.

            I love the “weird” shows, too – “Twin Peaks”, “X Files”, “Lost”, “The Event”, “Flashforward”!

            We had only about 8 or so episodes of both “The Event” and “Flashforward” so I don’t know what happened there – maybe they didn’t receive good ratings because I was the only one in Australia who watched them!

            I’ve been recording “Alcatraz” and “Person of Interest” but haven’t watched any of either yet.

            Is “Homeland” OK? I’ve been recording that, too, as I like Damien Lewis and Claire Danes.

            • Oh, we were huge X-Files fans. They have been re-running it on BBCA and I’ve been watching it. It had been so long I had forgotten some of the early eps.
              Benny and I used to laugh because his dad referred to it as one of those “weirdo” shows. πŸ˜‰

              I LOVED Homeland! I have referred to it elsewhere as an example of the kind of US television series I would love to see Richard do in terms of quality. Good writing, good casting, cohesive storyline, strong direction, good production values. Several critics here called it the best thing on TV and Clare won a Golden Globe, I believe, for her role. She and Damien are very good. And even old Preachy shows up again! I like him so much better when he isn’t playing Brother Tuck. πŸ˜‰

          • ROFLOL! I forgot that David Harewood is also in “Homeland”.

            Matthew and I had lunch together yesterday (29 Feb) and we were both laughing about how “clogged up” the harddrives were on our recorders! With my recorder, I can transfer anything I want to keep onto a DVD disc but Matthew can’t. However, he has pay TV but I don’t.

            He was telling me how much he’s enjoyed seeing Andrew Lincoln in “Walking Dead”. Bugger, if I’d known he was recording it, I would have made an appointment to go watch it at some stage!

            • Yeah, he gets around–England, Africa and now Washington, D.C. πŸ˜‰ We can record a number of hours on our DVRs in our satellite boxes but you can’t save it to DVD. However, if I record a movie I really like, I just keep it on there and eventually buy the DVD.

              Andrew is great in Walking Dead. Benny and I are both watching it. It is another hit for AMC which also produces Mad Men and Breaking Bad.
              Even though I hated Hugh, I’ve always had a soft spot for Andrew.

          • Oh, yeah, got in a little dig at Matthew yesterday – I told him that he should watch my DVD of “Strike Back” so he can see Andrew and Richard together. He just smiled!

            He’s ordered series 1 – 4 of “Torchwood” so I’m happy about that! I’ve been watching the rerun on iView/ABC Catchup (like BBC iPlayer) – I’m up to episode 10.

          • Yes, Matthew and I were reminiscing about Andrew and Jack Davenport and a couple of other English actors of that generation in “This Life”.

            Angie..did you ever get the BBC show “Wire in the Blood”? It starred Robson Green. Hermoine Norris was in it for a couple of seasons and then her place was taken by ……..oh, lordie, I can see her face but the name’s just gone!

            Hermione co-starred with Stephen Fry in “Kingdom” – I liked that, too. As you can see, I watch most of the BBC and ITV shows when they’re shown on our free-to-air ABC.

            Sorry, I’m going way off topic again! But, at least, Stephen is in “The Hobbit” with Richard!

            • Jack Davenport is now on Smash on NBC as a womanizing Broadway director. He’s got gray in his hair now! Makes me feel old. πŸ˜‰
              Yes, I used to watch Wire in the Blood and remember well Hermione’s role in that. Never saw Kingdom. Love Stephen Fry, though.

          • Kathryngaul, I also liked Naomi Watts in Woody Allen’s “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger” , she was impressive in it. I’m glad I’m not the only one who liked Flashforward! I thought it was a very interesting show, shame it was cancelled, I read it was due to poor ratings. Maybe Joseph Fiennes (yet another Brit ) wasn’t really suited for that kind of role, I don’t know. I loved Jack Davenport in the British comedy series “Coupling” I thought he was hilarious. He also had a part in Flashforward. I’m very out of touch with TV news as I wasn’t aware JD had a new show. Nicole is a great actress, I’m glad to hear she laid off the botox, she was beginning to look a bit waxwork-like. πŸ™‚

          • Just checking in here and noticed this comment. Here’s some more info:

            It was announced on Feb. 9 that Naomi would play Princess Diana in an upcoming biopic called “Caught in Flight” about the final two years of her life, focusing on her work for humanitarian causes and the personal happiness derived from it. Jessica Chastain’s name was attached to the project at one time, but she opted for another film role. Filming is supposed to start later this year. Supposedly there was an earlier Di project that was to be about Diana’s relationship with her mother, to star Knightley and Helen Mirren.
            I know Naomi isn’t a dead ringer for Diana but she looks much more like her than Keira Knightley ever did. The only resemblance I see between Diana and Keira is they were British and female. Of course, Keira looked nothing like the actual duchess she ws protraying in that movie, but one could get away with it because Georgiana’s photograph had not been emblazoned on covers of many, many magazines πŸ˜‰ . . . plus Keira would be too young to portray Diana in her later life. Naomi is 44 but I would have never guessed it to look at her. I would have said 30-something.

            Now–back to work. See ya later!

      • Kathryn, I can’t honestly say I have ever seen Naomi Watts in anything, although The Painted Veil is in my Quikflix queue! She is certainly beautiful, but to me Cate’s beauty is unusual, more ethereal, her looks are more than your standard “model” beauty, plus, like Richard, she is a real chameleon in her roles.

  4. Angie, I noticed most of the candidates are blonde beauties…..any reason why? LOL!

    I really love Romola Garai, and I’m happy she is a star devoted to TV and has frequently roles in scripts based on classics of literature.

    Moreover, I am glad to know I’m not the only one who cannot appreciate Keira Knightley. I still try (and I watched most of her movies), but I simply cannot. She is quite sad and unexpressive 😦

    • As a “bottle blonde” myself, I say “go girl”!!!!

      I find it hard to appreciate Keira Knightley’s acting……because i can’t get past how skinny she’s become! She has lovely facial features but she’s all bones elsewhere…’s so sad. She must feel pressured to be thin, I suppose.

      • I have to agree with what Jeremy Clarkson said, Keira Knightley is like an ironing board with a pretty face. 😦 Someone else who is entirely too thin right now is Angelina Jolie. Her arms looked like toothpicks at the Oscars. And it’s not like Richard’s Lucas North skinny where he still had great muscle tone–she just looked under-nourished. I do realize some people are naturally thin just as I am naturally NOT thin, but when a person starts looking like they could have come out of Treblinka, it’s not good.

        • Yes, Angelina is way too thin, isn’t she? I agree with you about her arms.

          Another one who’s dreadfully thin at the moment is Demi Moore – I guess it’s a stress thing with her.

          It’s such a shame to see these beautiful women just wasting away.

          Not a problem that I usually have to worry about either! Just the opposite, in fact!

          • I’ve wondered if Angelina feels overwhelmed by the demands of her career and family. Demi looked terrible in the last few photos I have seen of her and she has always been so lovely. All the trouble with that husband of hers seems to be the chief problem. There have been rumors she has gone back to taking drugs, but who knows? I honestly never understood what she saw in Ashton Kutcher. Too much of a pretty boy who has never impressed me as an actor.

            Instead of wasting away I just keep adding on πŸ˜‰ But at least it keeps the wrinkles at bay.

    • Purely coincidental re the blondes. However, I did think Richard and Hermione looked great together with the contrast between the fair and dark hair. Romola has become a favorite of mine (she has appeared in some roles with dark hair, too) and I continue to be impressed with her growth as an actress.

  5. Great actresses,Angie! I would choose NatalieP,Cate B,Gwyneth P, preferably all at once.:D
    Maybe in one of your fanfics,Fedoralady?;)

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