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Dreams and Castles in the Air


Nearly 1,300 words written in the last couple of hours. This is good. I just might get the revision of the revision of my novel completed by late October as hoped.  Life has had a way of “happening when I’ve been busy making other plans,” so we shall see. 

Still, I am feeling hopeful. Maybe it’s the freshly shampooed hair. The fact Puddie is still hanging in there (although I can’t believe she turned up her charming little nose at the small dish of Blue Bell homemade Vanilla ice cream her daddy served her earlier. She really isn’t feeling well).

Time for a little poetry, methinks, courtesy of American poet, playwright and social activist Langston Hughes.


English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams

For when dreams go

Life is a barren field

Frozen with snow.

We all need dreams, no matter what our ages or circumstances may be. We need our castles in the air.

courtesy of amarettogirl.com

I think we can safely say Richard Armitage has built a solid foundation for his particular castles in the air.  And we reap the benefits. Long may he keep building.  Thank you, Richard, for never giving up on your dreams and aspirations.

“Nothing But Trailers” & the Joys of Thorin


I have been watching Richard as Thorin regularly on my HD flat screen TV. Oh, he’s glorious! And if you have AXS on your cable or satellite, you, too, could be listening to those dulcet tones sing the Misty Mountain song and study those expressive eyes as he speaks to Gandalf about the dangers of the mission.

AXS (formally known as HD Net) has a program called Nothing But Trailers.  And it is, well, nothing but trailers of upcoming movies. And right now, right in the middle of the half-hour program, is the trailer for The Hobbit.

I discovered it by happy accident one day (serendipity?) while flicking through the channels, and kept my eye out from then on. It dawned on me the other day that I could record said trailer on my DVR.  Eureka!!

Bored with the volleyball on the Olympics (not my fav sport to watch)? I click on Thorin. Stormy weather knocks out satellite signal? Doesn’t affect the DVR recordings. Click on Thorin!  Much better than watching on my computer. Flare up from IBS? Worried about Puddie? Cheers me up to know I can click on Thorin. And in a few months, I will see him in glorious 3D on the big ol’ whoppin’ movie screen . . . and hear him in “stereophonic sound.”