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Assorted and sundry RA-related bits and bobs for Saturday



Bilbo with his pipe and pony at Comic-Con 2013. Courtesy of IMDb. Wonder if Thorin and HIS pony ever made it there? He might have gotten lost . . .


Hobbit coins being given away at Comic-Con this year.


Orcrist on display by Weta Workshop at Comic-Con.


Another drawing by Evankart, this time of Thorin and Dwalin. A little slashy?


Charming little montage shared by Richard Armitage Bulgaria on FB.


My edit of one of the AWE premiere photos. Oh, the waves, the coils!!


The delightfully grouchy Thorin Lego on display at this year’s Comic-Con. Apparently throngs of people lined up to take his photo. Courtesy of Servetus at Me + Richard Armitage.

"Relief" by lorna_ka

“Relief” by lorna_ka


My edit of one of the ATW premiere photos, original courtesy of RANet.


He’s just so handsome and–kindly looking.

A ‘Hobbit’ milestone, bar codes, Standring’s thumbs & a–knitted dwarf?




Today, THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY became just the 5th film of 2012 to pass $300+M domestic ($300, 160,000 as of noon CST)  Foreign box office tallies are $ 659, 600,000 for a total of $959, 760,000 thus far.  (Figures courtesy of Box Office Mojo.)

I think that’s not too shabby.

In other news, I now have my official bar code for Comic-Con registration.  Two John Strandring thumbs up! 😀


And I thought this photo of a fanmade doll tweeted by Dwalin aka Graham McTavish was just too adorable. Look at the detail!

This darling knitted version of Dwalin looks squeezably soft. We need one for Thorin, too!

This darling knitted version of Dwalin looks squeezably soft. We need one for Thorin, too!

Now, I really think I have to take a bit of a nap. Eyes are crying out for some rest again . . .

Computer glitches, Comic-Con panel predictions & some Richard


I confess I am still scratching my head a bit over the fact I actually got those Comic-Con passes.  Someone up there likes me, maybe?


Here’s a UPI story that ran about the rapid sellout:

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 17 (UPI) — Tickets for the  annual pop culture orgy Comic-Con sold out in less than two hours online,  organizers said.

Tickets to the event, sold in single-day and four-day passes, were gone in  little more than 90 minutes. With an online waiting room reaching capacity in  mere moments, many would-be attendees were shut out shortly after the 9 a.m.  start-time.

Organizers acknowledge the event, which draws some 130,000 attendees to San  Diego each July, has sorely outgrown the city’s convention center. Plans to  expand the center to accommodate the event are stalled, awaiting a court’s  decision on whether an increased hotel tax aimed at helping fund the $520  million expansion is legal, U-T San Diego said Saturday.

An economic study found Comic-Con generates $67.8 million in economic  activity annually for the city. Organizers said they’re committed to keeping the  event in San Diego through at least 2016, despite being heavily courted by other  municipalities

Read more:  http://www.upi.com/Entertainment_News/Movies/2013/02/17/Comic-Con-sells-out-in-90-minutes/UPI-53831361131069/#ixzz2LFGsv5Q0

I really, honestly, truly feel sorry for most of the people who tried to purchase Comic-Con passes, following all the instructions to the letter, and yet still got caught up in the technical glitches that struck Saturday morning. This is not the first time would-be ticket buyers have cried foul over how the system is set up, either. Surely there has to be a better way?

(courtesy of unsocialized.net)

(courtesy of unsocialized.net)

But for some, I do not feel sorry. The person who whined about already shelling out $1600 for hotel  and plane tickets without having Comic-Con passes in hand?

As someone commented,“What’s really annoying and frustrating? Hearing someone stupid enough to prepay for stuff for an event that they didnt even have confirmation of attendance to and then complain as if it is someone else’s fault.”  Totally agree.

There’s actually quite a lot going on outside of the convention center that doesn’t require the “golden ticket.” Benny doesn’t have a pass for Saturday, so I am guessing he will be checking out some of the alternate offerings. I really don’t think he’ll be bored.

As for what will be offered inside, Comicbook.com is speculating the following panels will appear in massive Hall H this July. I think I could live with sitting in on some of these sessions:

Marvel Studio Panel: Lots to promote, including Thor 2. Yeo, that means Chris Hemsworth and a certain Hiddles that a number of RA fans also crush on are likely to be present, plus expect early looks at Captain America 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Tom HIddleston

Tom HIddleston

Dimensions Films Panel: With Sin City: A Dame To Kill For set for October 2013 release, it looks like cast members such as Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin & Joseph Gordon-Levitt will probably be attending.

20th Century Fox Panel: With Wolverine set to open the week after Comic-Con, it seems a sure thing that the film’s director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman will be on hand and an early screening is likely. Director Bryan Singer and several cast members for the next X-Men film, Days of Future Past are also probably going to be in attendance.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

Sony/Columbia Pictures Panel: With the Amazing Spiderman 2 coming out in May 2014, this will be the only opportunity to promote it at Comic-Con. Director Marc Webb (who is already promoting the film on Twitter) and key cast members including Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx are almost certain to appear.

Warner Brothers Panel: Man of Steel opens before Comic-Con and no new Batman film has yet been announced. But those weren’t your top priorities, were they? Because WB is the studio that will bring us The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, which Comicbook.com is certain will be featured during the studio’s panel. There may also be footage from the Godzilla reboot and some sort of presentation on the 2015 release, Justice League, but no director or cast is expected.  Who will show up to represent for TH? We’ll have to wait and see . . .

I think there should be an even LONGER Hobbit presentation this year with massive amounts of Richard Armitage in the flesh and in movie previews as Thorin.  But that’s just me. 😉



(Picture courtesy of HeathRA Productions. Please credit accordingly.)


They have my money, so it’s official.

San Diego International Comic-Con 2012

San Diego International Comic-Con 2012 (Photo credit: rootseven)

Got this email this morning:

Thank you for your Comic-Con 2013 badge purchase. Your credit card has been processed and a barcode confirmation will be sent via email to the registrant below. Due to the high level of registration activity, barcode confirmations may take up to 72 hours for delivery. Please allow at least 72 hours for your barcode confirmation to arrive before contacting Comic-Con International. We suggest you add registration@epicreg.com to your safe sender’s folder, and check your SPAM inbox if the confirmation does not arrive within 72 hours.

If you purchased badges for more than one person, you will receive one receipt for each person. However, the individual Comic-Con barcode confirmation will go directly to each registrant.

One step closer.


I love this picture.


Richard Armitage signing autographs at Comic-Con in San Diego in July. Courtesy of RANet and Cambear.


If you visit the SDCC gallery at RANet you’ll be able to click on a very larger version of this photo. Be sure and feast your eyes upon it. It is just the sort of candid photo of Richard Armitage so many of us love.

The real Richard, unposed and unretouched,  his crinkles and the grey hairs in his beard readily visible, the scar on his forehead not air-brushed away; looking a little tired, perhaps, but nonetheless in good spirits.  There’s that look of bonhomie on his face, his smile reflected in his eyes, one elfin ear on display.


A nice guy, surely. And such a beautiful man.

Thank you, Cambear, for sharing this with RANet and thus with all of us.

Comic-Con, Captain Jack & RA


John Barrowman is a guest on BBCA‘s latest Nerdist special on tonight, which focuses on Comic-Con. John, of course, is most famous in the Nerdist Universe as Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who and Torchwood.  John’s almost too pretty for my tastes (he’s like a better-looking version of American politician John Edwards) but he’s a charming and talented guy and seems very, very down to earth and devoted to his partner, who’s a pretty handsome fellow himself.   John, who was born in Scotland, grew up in the States and later returned to Scotland, also has dual accents: he can sound like both a Scot and a Yank.

Jack Harkness

Jack Harkness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He’s attended five or six Comic-Cons now and said  some things I really liked in reference to such events and fans and actors.

John spoke of how much he enjoyed CC because it gave him a chance to interact with fans and to let them know how much they meant to him as a performer”because let’s face it, without the fans, we wouldn’t be where we are.” As for disdainful actors who become too cool for such events, John said this: “Get over yourselves.”

I don’t think Richard Armitage, who is a self-professed geek of sorts, will ever think himself to be too cool for Comic-Con, either. He may be a tad embarrassed about the action figures and such, but I think he will always appreciate his fans and value their support. And I bet at next year’s Comic-Con, there will be even more of said fans there to scream his name at The Hobbit panel and line up for autographs–assuming he’s not tied up elsewhere. He is gonna be in demand . . .

Yet another interview vid from CC


Just in case you missed it, yet another unearthed interview from Comic-Con, this one with Andy, Martin and Richard interspersed with clips from the production vlogs and the trailer. It’s from a French site, so an extra added attraction are the French subtitles, which I had fun reading aloud and imagining it was RA doing it instead. 😉

This one covers some ground not really touched on in other interviews we’ve seen thus far. There’s some interesting footage of Martin and Andy in character as Gollum in his mo-cap suit performing a scene together and discussing the challenges of filming the scene.

Other than showing up in the clips several times, Richard appears in the interview portions twice, including a really close-up shot near the end. I enjoyed hearing him talk about working with Peter Jackson and again, the theme of trust arose–the need for an actor to be able to trust his director has a vision for the film and who will be a strong guiding hand “because actors need that.”  I also love hearing the man say “trust.” It’s that “u” sound. And it reminds me of John Porter and Katie.


Thanks to Ali for giving me a heads-up over at Twitter.

A photo from Empire magazine, courtesy of E!.

Thorin & Trilogy Speculation for Thursday

Tolkien's Cover Designs for the First Edition ...

Tolkien’s Cover Designs for the First Edition of The Lord of the Rings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sooooo–I thought when all this talk of a possible third Hobbit film came up at Comic-Con, it was simply the media deciding to run rife with speculation.        Media is like that, yes it is, precioussssss.

I was a bit skeptical early on about making The Hobbit, a rather slender children’s book, into two films, to be honest.

Now, of course, I know flashbacks are included not seen in the book, and characters and events from LOTR and its appendices have been incorporated into the storyline, fleshing it out satisfactorily enough for two films. Plus we’ve got to have those singing dwarf sequences!!)  And if it gave me more of Richard Armitage as the world’s sexiest dwarf on the big screen, well–bring it on.

However, having read this detailed article provided  byour trusty friends at  TheOneRingNet, I see there are several possible options for Sir Peter, and a lot of it revolves around the 100 or so pages of appendices at the end of  the LOTR trilogy.


Here’s an excerpt from that article discussing why Warner Brothers may very well be contemplating giving the green light to a third film:

It says shooting would be for about two months next summer (North America’s summer presumably). It seems Jackson thought about it, mentioned it to the studio, floated the idea at Comic-Con and is energized and now wants to do it, or at least that is how I read it.

I trust that Hollywood Reporter story for the best accuracy and fans who want to read it carefully might find further clues.

Reports in New Zealand are that he was at the top of his game during “The Hobbit,” shoot. It seemingly went well and actors seem happy despite the length of the shoot. The team seems creative and energized and ready to keep telling the story of Middle-earth. But, shooting movies, especially big ones with a big crew and big logistical needs costs big money. So WB is into two films for something like $500 million. For another, say $100 million or less, they now have three films to collect box office from, three different home video sales items to ring up. Instead of grossing $2 billion for a $500 million investment, they get to dream of $3 billion for $600 million. Seems like smart finances. It also fills a hole in the 2014 schedule, which will please stock holders and best of all, the desire to make the film didn’t come from marketing or merchandising, it came from the creative team involved. It also seems the only time to do this is now and not try to start the whole thing up from scratch in two years. The right people, the big movie-making machine that helps Jackson realize his vision, is in place.

There seems to be no doubt that Sir Peter is a director with some major clout. And I think we’d all agree he’s a creative genius.

Of course, the big question for me is: would there be any Thorin in a third film? I hope I am not providing a spoiler here when I point out that Thorin does not *sob* survive the original book.

It sounds from the article as if we might get more Lee Pace as Thranduil, which would be a big plus for me, but I have to confess it’s Mr. A that is my primary interest. After all, what’s the name of this blog?

If you haven’t read the entire theonering.net article, I suggest you do so and then share your thoughts on the subject. Do you think a third film is a good idea/bad idea and why? And would you still feel an urgent need to see the third film sans Thorin?

Sir Peter’s latest vlog: my thoughts (part two)


Well, feeling better than I was earlier today, thank goodness. And I am thinking about Richard Armitage once more. I know. What a surprise.


I rewatched that last production vlog again earlier in anticipation of writing this second blog entry on it. Once again, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the entire thing. What an exciting journey it has been thus far! And how fortunate I feel to have the opportunity to be part of it thanks to Sir Peter’s efforts to share it with us.


The focus of this entry is to be Mr. A, but first I have to reiterate how much I admire and appreciate the infectious spirit of camaraderie and team work seen in the cast and crew of The Hobbit. I can only believe that is a positive work environment for all involved.


Something that particularly struck me on this viewing was Sir Peter’s expression of nerves on his way to Comic-Con. Of course, a tremendous amount rides on the reception of these films, yet the fact this celebrated genius of the cinema was so concerned about a positive outcome at an event which is largely fan-based touched me. The fans, as he said, are his kind of people, and he wants them to be pleased with what he’s doing.

Oh, and I must give a shout-out this time around to the charming T-shirts I actually noticed on first viewing (yes, I actually did catch things other than a certain hot dwarf and his Creator) for those working with second unit director, the multi-talented Andy Serkis: “Andy’s Flying Serkis.” Gotta love those!!

Now, on to RA.

He looks fantastic, doesn’t he?  

A happy and healthy-looking Richard Armitage. I do find those flecks of grey in his beard quite endearing.



Of course, we all saw him looking quite relaxed and fit and truly gorgeous at Comic-Con. But this vlog gave us an opportunity to see more of him along the way—the sort of moments we saw so few of in earlier production vlogs.  There were amusing moments, breathtaking moments (he really is absolutely beautiful as Thorin), moments of quiet reflection and boisterous tomfoolery.

Some of my favorite RA moments:

Richard playing “footsy” with the other dwarfs in those great cumbersome boots.  I love him in jeans, of course, but we don’t see nearly enough of him in shorts IMHO.  Legs like those deserve to be showcased. And once more that dancer’s stance shines through.

 Poetic Armitage. Like everyone else, his evocative comments about those early arrivals at Stone Street with the stars still shining in the sky struck a particular chord with me.  The man may have the profile of a king and the body of an Adonis, but he’s got the heart of a poet.


His ability to focus. The sense that he is “all there” and never slumming always strikes me. I love seeing these behind-the-scenes glimpses of Richard at work. Those azure eyes and elfin ears (rather more elfin than usual, even if he’s playing a dwarf) take it all in, don’t they?

Ah, that intent, focused gaze.

Younger Thorin? I do believe—judging by the attire and also the lack of grey hair here—this must be younger Thorin in battle. I see a hint of Sir Guy in his expression. I don’t know if it makes Sir Guy happy—I still avoid mentioning a certain warrior dwarf in his presence—but it makes me happy. And all the more eager to see younger and older Thorin on the big screen.

Leaping Armitage. It’s a “blink and you miss it” moment, but when in that one scene in which Martin is cutting up with the dwarfs you can just glimpse a tall, dark-haired fellow jumping in the air on the left side of the screen. I could only recall his Cats days—and smile.

Cheeky Armitage. He’s grown into a beautiful mature man but it’s fun to see the boyish, cheeky, flirty side of him peeping out at us. Sticking out his tongue at Graham MacTavish. Tossing that fish at Adam Brown.  Like others, I had worried somewhat that he might be so caught up in the angsty gravitas of Thorin he never really let his hair down.

Moments like these make me think he also knew how to kick back and be a cheeky monkey along the way.

I recall what the stuntmen on Strike Back said: “He’s one of us.” I suspect that is exactly how the crew felt about RA—the hard-working, good-natured, gentlemanly, down-to-earth fellow we all know and love- after working with him for a year and a half. And I do believe he has so many wonderful memories he will treasure for the rest of his life from his NZ odyssey.

And now with these continued speculations that a third film is not, in fact, out of consideration . . . so he may be spending more time Down Under.  Who knows? I just know I am now eagerly awaiting a post-production vlog from our friend Sir Peter . . .


And, of course, news of sightings of Mr. A in the Midwest re the “tornado movie.”  I think these next few months are going to be very exciting for us all. 



Richard on Singing and Partying Dwarf-Style


Thanks to @richkitsch at Twitter, I found this full-length version of a Hitfix interview with RA where he is discussing the singing in TH. I also learned that dwarves are not only smelly, they like to party really hard. 😉

Comic Con 2012 – Richard Armitage for 'The Hobbit' by HitFix

Sir Peter’s latest vlog: my thoughts (part one)


Well, what a day it’s been. Mine started late because I didn’t get to sleep until sometime close to 3 a.m. and was in no mood to rise early. Feverish visions of highwaymen were dancing in my head, I suppose. When the highwayman looks just like Guy, this is not a bad thing.

And then, as I was checking email and Twitter, I saw the news: Sir Peter’s latest videoblog was up! I have the World’s Slowest High-Speed Internet (and of late it seems slower than usual) so I had to allow that video to buffer, watching a few minutes, then allowing more to upload . . . it’s tedious, but some things are definitely worth a bit of tedium, wouldn’t you agree?

I was totally wrapped up in this entry from the word “go.” Often, I must confess, I have mainly been eager for glimpses and sound bites of RA in previous vlogs. Well, this IS called The Armitage Effect, right?

But this time was different. Is it due to having followed along on this incredible journey, getting familiar with the faces behind the making of this huge film project? 

Perhaps it is due to all the coverage of Comic-Con and enjoying the interviews with RA and the other Hobbit folks.


Maybe it’s just that I am now like Pavlov’s dog and start salivating at the notion of watching anything remotely connected with Richard Armitage, regardless of whether or not he can be seen or heard.

It was fun reliving those Comic-Con moments like this.

Whatever the reasons, I was excited and enthused by it all from beginning to end. Multiple sightings of Mr. A as himself and in Thorin guise did not, of course, hurt.

Since this odyssey began, I’ve come to feel a great affection, admiration and respect for Sir Peter Jackson and cast and crew of this film.

And this particular entry is less about Richard—more on him later, of course—and more about my general impressions of the vlog and some of my favorite moments.

I am one of those people who actually likes to read all the credits for a film. It’s sort of my way of paying homage to all the clapper loaders, best boys, gaffers, Foley artists, set decorators, conceptual artists, makeup artists, second second unit directors and all the others who combine their talent, creativity and experience to make movie magic happen.

I really appreciate the fact Sir Peter took the effort throughout the eight vlogs to give us a chance to get to know some of these people and to see their dedication and enthusiasm. As I have said, it takes a village to not only raise a child, but to make a fantastic film such as The Hobbit.

Some (though not all) fav moments:

*Seeing that bowl filled with pencil stubs from all the conceptual drawings from the films and hearing the sense of pride and wonder in the artists’ voices when they speak of going from those drawings to walking within the very sets they have designed really touched the artist within me.  And their work and the work of the set builders and decorators is phenomenal.

*Watching Andy Serkis in action as second unit director. I’ve been a fan of Andy as an actor for quite a while; now I am simply a fan of Andy’s, period. One could say he’s learned from the best. He truly seems to exude the same sort of boundless energy and enthusiasm for his work that we see in Sir Peter. And he seems truly grateful to have been given this fantastic opportunity.

We also found out he plays a mean sax.

I sense the smiles and bonhomie were not merely for the cameras with this project.

*Visiting the amazingly detailed and beautiful set for Dale. I could imagine feeling transported to another time and place walking through those streets.

*Lee Pace. I really, really like Lee as an actor and an all-around nice guy. It was wonderful to see the behind-the-scenes footage of him learning how to walk and move like an elf. Another tall, graceful, talented, good-natured, shy guy of whom I am very fond.

American actor Lee Pace at the ET Post-Emmys P...

American actor Lee Pace at the ET Post-Emmys Party, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Sept. 21, 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*Seeing more of the dwarfs. They really do seem as if they had an absolute blast playing these roles, don’t they?

* “I’ve never worked on such a hairy movie.” 😉 It does appear there could be yaks with chilblains in the Himalayas this winter.

Seriously, the amount of materials and supplies that went into costumes, wigs, sets and so much more is mind-blowing.

*The camaraderie.  I know it’s easy for the more cynical to dismiss those on camera talking of the sense of family and how much they will miss one another as merely part of hyping the film.

 I choose to believe otherwise; I choose to believe they really, genuinely have formed bonds and friendships and they will, indeed, miss working and playing together.  I know how much I came to care for my co-workers and those long hours we sometimes worked, literally putting out one publication at night whilst working on a special project, having said publication printed three hours away and returned to our offices the next morning—and we’d never gone home yet.  Tiring, oh yes—but such a sense of accomplishment and teamwork, too.

(Damn, I am about to start crying. I miss that, you see.)

*The hug of the two sirs. Sir Ian in his Gandalf guise giving a bear hug to Sir Peter. Really touching.  

*Seeing all those people in those final shots. A smiling, happy-looking lot of folks, indeed.

*Martin’s comments about “high-quality people.” I think he’s absolutely right. High-quality people creating a high-quality product.

And I can hardly wait to see the end results of the fruits of their labor!  And just think, this isn’t the last of the vlogs! PJ is promising more post-production goodies for us. Bless you, Sir Peter. You spoil us. ( And have I mentioned I find you, your cardigans, disheveled hair and generally rumpled air incredibly endearing . . .)


One. Hot. Dwarf.


Like pretty much everyone else in Armitage World who is awake right now, I’ve been ooing, aahing, smiling and squeeing over the latest videoblog from dear Sir Peter.  I have a lot of thoughts about this, both from the standpoint of Richard’s appearances and his quotes, and from watching the video as a whole as part of the experience of being on this journey that is  the making of The Hobbit.  Hasn’t it been fun and interesting and educational and, dare I say, heartwarming? And there will be more to come!!

But for now, I offer this, cropped from a screencap courtesy of Ali at www.richardarmitagenet.com and embellished at www.picmonkey.com

Yeah, I know it’s Richard listening intently to directions from Sir Peter between takes, but a girl can dream, right??

I saw the intensity of that look and had a punch in my solar plexus. My vocal reaction was something along these lines: “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Wowwwwwwwwww. One. Hot. Dwarf.”

(You must excuse me now, I have a dark knight glowering in the corner to placate. *sigh*)

Beautiful things, terrible things: ugly behavior in a lovely fandom


I was struck by just how emotional people were talking about the film, talking about anticipating the film. With each question came a preamble about what the previous films have meant in people’s lives. So all cliches aside, it’s a really nice thing to be part of something that actually touches people, genuinely touches people. It’s quite a lovely thing. 

Martin Freeman in the press conference post TH panel at SDCC  Links to the transcripts can be found here:




Richard and Andy Serkis sharing a good laugh at The Hobbit panel at Comic-Con. Photo courtesy of richardarmitagenet



As a part of the Richard Armitage fandom, Martin’s quote above really struck a chord with me. Because as part of that fandom, as a blogger, a fanfic writer and fanvid maker–and simply as an enthusiastic fangurl–I think it’s really nice to a part of a group that supports an immensely talented and thoroughly nice human being who actually, genuinely touches people. Touches them through his detailed and nuanced performances and by being the kind, gentle, generous, humble, funny, dedicated individual that he is.

There are many, many wonderful people within this fandom, who are also kind, gentle, generous and happy to see good things happen for fellow fans.  I truly treasure many of you as dear friends whom I would never have gotten to know were it not for Mr. Armitage.

Sadly, we aren’t all true friends and fans.  It came to my attention today that one of the most talented, creative and nicest people in the RA fan community has been the victim of attempted sabtotage, with someone contacting her workplace, attempting to cause trouble for her.

It’s one thing if you don’t like someone’s fan fiction, their fan videos or their blog postings  and feel the need to leave hurtful and nasty comments for them to read (under the cowardly cloak of anonymity, of course).

It’s incredibly childish and doesn’t say very flattering things about the individual who engages in such behavior, but we who have been the subjects of such maliciousness can live with that.


Most of us are genuinely nice people who do not go looking for trouble.  We want to simply enjoy this fandom and remain positive, upbeat and supportive of one another and Richard Armitage’s career.  But this spitefulness, this envy, out-of-control jealousy and pure, unadulterated malice cannot be allowed to go on unchecked. Those of you who participate in such behavior need to be taught there are consequences for your actions.

I do not know what steps this other individual will choose to take. I do know she now feels she must make her tweets private because she feels too vulnerable to keep them public–and that is a darned shame. I know I shall not be sharing certain things–even really good news– on any public website or blog again. 

  You who are guilty of such contemptible behavior know who you are.  Just know  that some of us whom you have attempted to bully, intimidate, abuse and sabotage aren’t going to “go quietly.”

Frankly, you disgust me.  You are an ugly stain on an otherwise beautiful community in support of a beautiful human being.


Where to next, Richard?


So, Richard, where did you head when you went to the airport? Back home to London for a (very) few days to catch up with friends and check on the house (but do you want to get caught up in all Olympics madness, I wonder)? Perhaps you’ll take a quick trip to Leicestershire to visit with the family, let Mum spoil you with some home cooking, play with your nephew (bet he’s pretty tickled Uncle Richie will have another action figure from a role).


Your next project starts in just a few days, so it’s possible you’ve already headed to the Motor City to get settled in and learn the lay of the land.  Only one thing seems certain: you won’t be getting a lot of rest between Comic-Con and production starting on “the tornado movie.”  Take care of yourself, sweet Richard. And I love the shades and the backpack. Bet you could make a fannypack/bum bag look sexy, you adorable boy.



Where in the world is Richard Armitage these days??

Intrepid Richard: On the road again


Some photos have been popping up on the Internet of RA at (I am assuming) the airport. He’s dressed down in well-worn jeans, a clingy tee-shirt (hello, biceps! Nice to see you again!) and shades, sporting his backpack. The boy next door–the really gorgeous and sexy boy–on the road again.  Now, one of the best photos of Richard had him posing with a gentleman. Nothing against this pleasant-looking guy in his Walking Dead tee, but I really preferred the image with just RA.   So, naturally, I had to do some photo editing . . .  these were done with PicMonkey, a free online photo editing site that is fast becoming a favorite of mine.  Teutcher, this one’s for you, darlin’.

One for the scrapbook, that’s for sure.

Love the classic look of this one.