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Guyday Friday! So Not Dead (and loving it).


Still awake. Listening to the crashing waves courtesy of the sound machine. It’s the most realistic of the assorted sounds available, and it is soothing.  Almost time for hubs to get up. Might as well wait now and see him off before I try to attempt sleep. Knee still being a (literal) pain, along with the old pleurisy adhesions.

Meanwhile–it’s Guyday Friday! Whoo-hoo! I definitely need you this week, my tall dark and toothsome knight. Not that I don’t every week, every day.

Your intensity, your dogged determination, your passion, the sweet, tender side you rarely show, that vulnerability that still surfaces, that chivalric nature we see regarding your beloved–and yes, that gobsmacking beauty.  I will never get over you. But then again, I don’t have to. You ARE So Not Dead.



And I totally agree with both sentiments, Sir Guy.







I will catch up with comments later, I hope you all have a great Guyday Friday wherever you are!

Nourishing, Nurturing Dwarf: TAE Words for the Day


We know that Richard has said he is a man who wishes to be involved in “nourishing and nurturing” in his life.

According to Bing Dictionary, “nourishing” means:

providing good sustenance: providing people, animals, or plants with a substantial quantity of the substances they require to live, grow, or remain fit and healthy

And “nurturing” is defined as:

(1) to take care of a young thing: to give tender care and protection to a young child, animal, or plant, helping it to grow and develop

(2) to encourage somebody or something to flourish: to encourage somebody or something to grow, develop, thrive, and be successful

(3) to keep feeling: to keep a feeling in the mind for a long time, allowing it to grow or deepen

Richard Armitage and the woman who transformed him into Thorin for more than 250 days, Oscar Nominee Tami Lane.

Richard Armitage and the woman who transformed him into Thorin for more than 250 days, Oscar Nominee Tami Lane.

I love this photo. Tami looks so happy and Richard, well, Richard is wearing that customary sweet smile. And there are those beautiful, capable, strong hands resting on Tami’s shoulders in an almost protective pose.

Then, notice that his midnight blue Thorin robe appears to be wrapped around his makeup artist.  Is it a cold day in spite of the sunshine with Richard trying to keep Tami from getting chilled?  Is it merely a playful gesture on Richard’s part? Whatever the case, they obviously have a bond of friendship between them.

When I think of Richard as someone who nourishes and nurtures, I think of a man who is kind and considerate, a true friend, an encourager, a team player, a mentor. I remember how enthusiastically Lucy Griffiths spoke of Richard being the best screen partner on Robin Hood. I think of how Richard always makes sure he mentions the various crew members and praises their work in helping him look and move like and become the character.

Richard Armitage:  dedicated actor, active supporter of charitable endeavors, a man who nourishes and nurtures.

Altogether a worthy fellow to emulate in so many ways.

Guyday Friday: If only . . .


Guy may have started off courting Marian in hopes of gaining a “trophy wife”–someone of good breeding,  high-born and well-respected in the community, the daughter of the former sheriff and the old flame of his nemesis–but along the way the henchman went and fell truly, deeply in love with Marian.

A flawed love, a possessive one, yes–but nonetheless real. A love that found him putting his own neck on the chopping block, so to speak, more than once in an attempt to protect her. Time and time again he told himself he was over Marian, time and time again she lied to him and manipulated him–and time and time again he came to her aid.

Even she could see the possibilities for being that better man inside Guy.
If only Marian had been able to see past her childhood affections for Robin, her misguided loyalty to not-so-good King Richard; if only Guy could have been able to break away from the poisonous influence of Vasey–ah, if only. Guess I am just a hopeful romantic.

Last stop for Guyday Friday: Marian & Guy, you naughty bunnies!


Yes, indeed. If I’d had my way, it would have been a somewhat less “family friendly” show and Marian would have chucked aside her puppy love for  that spoiled brat Blobbin aka Justin Beiber with the Scruffy Facial Hair and moved on to Nottingham’s Finest . . . 😉

Guyday Friday: What if . . . Part Two


What if all that anachronistic nonsense on RH led The Treacherous Troll and the Hot Henchman to create the world’s first disco? Hey, if Blobbin could invent hang gliding so he and Mr. Lucky Charms could escape Guy . . .

It’s October. And keep in mind I’m on drugs.


Drugs for my major sinus/allergy attack, that is. My sneezes have been registering on the Reichter scale, or so I’ve been told by my long-suffering spouse.

Anyhoo, I am kind of loopy and also in a Halloween sort of mood. I discovered today that www.picmonkey.com has just added a new Halloween set of effects, overlays and fonts to play with. You can choose from Vampire, Witch, Demon, Zombie, Day of the Dead and Trick or Treat.  Keep in mind the drug thing coupled with lack of sleep, so overlook the typos and other mistakes in the examples below. This Halloween theme is a real treat to play with, so why not give it a try if you are so inclined?

We like Halloween chez Fedoralady. It is Mr. FL’s favorite holiday. We’ve worked a few haunted houses in the past; I’ve always dressed up when work allowed it and won first place for my costume a couple of years ago. Basically we are just a pair of over-sized kids who enjoy being children again for a brief time.  I suspect part of my enjoyment is the fact we had no place to trick or treat as children–we were too far out in the boondocks–so once the schools/communities suspended carnivals for a time in our area I felt as if I was missing out on the fun . . .

Demon Guy and Witchy-Poo Marian are ready for the Halloween bash at the castle.

I am hoping to go to Trick or  Treat on Main St. downtown in my hometown this year, with business owners and professionals and their employees and families dressing up and handing out candy to lots of cute costumed kiddies in a safe, controlled environment. It was started two years ago, with the grand finale a performance of Thriller by a local dance troupe and actors from the local firefighters’ haunted house. It was terrific!

V-A-M-P-S, black leather & other assorted and sundry thoughts on a Sunday night

Images taken at the True Blood panel at San Di...

Images taken at the True Blood panel at San Diego Comic-con with Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Rutina Wesley on Saturday July 25, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m mourning the end of the second season of Game of Thrones–who knew I would become so addicted I’d watch one episode no less than five times?–but the return of that “cotton candy batsh*t” (as one person described it online) in the shape of the new season of True Blood is helping tide me over. Particularly because a certain lovely young Brit actress you may all be familiar with has a featured role this season.

For anyone who has read my not-for-the-faint-hearted Guy and Rebecca stories, Lucy Griffiths‘ character Nora, a double agent within the Vampire Authority, reminds me of Rebecca. She’s beautiful, clever and dangerous. And looks great in black leather. red lippie and cat’s-eye makeup.

A new publicity shot of Lucy, looking sleek and sexy and back to her stunning dark hair, following a hiatus as a blonde.

Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgaard and Lucy Griffiths in the first ep of True Blood. Lucy rocks the black leather and sexy high-heeled boots.

Nora, “an irreverent British lady from the Elizabethan or Victorian era,” and Eric share the same maker, Godric.  It’s an intense love/hate relationship that leads them to bicker like siblings and to engage in some very unsisterly-brotherly behavior, if you catch my drift.  And she doesn’t take off her black leather gloves when she engages in it. “Bad-arse,” as she describes Bill and Eric in one scene.

I could only think, “Boy, how hot she and Richard would be together . . .” *sigh* And they could both wear black leather this time.  Not that Alexander Skarsgard isn’t totally yummy as Eric. Boy, if he’d played Robin Hood . . .  so, poor Lucy. Had to play opposite Richard Armitage‘s ultra-sexy Sir Guy and now she’s locking lips and other things with Eric Northman as portrayed by the gorgeous Askar.

Lucky Lucy–and doesn’t she look adorable at the TB premiere?

I wonder if she and Richard will have an opportunity to at least talk when he comes to San Diego for Comic-Con. She might end up on the True Blood panel, who knows?  At any rate, while I had my definite reservations about Marian as scripted on RH, I have always liked Lucy. She truly seems like a sweet, down-to-earth young woman (who appreciated her opportunity to work opposite RA and made the effort to learn from it) and I do wish her tons of success.

(images courtesy of aceshowbiz.com)

And speaking of True Blood, it looks like this season is going darker after getting a bit twee with all the fairy dust stuff in the recent past. There is Christopher Meloni of L&O:SVU now on board as head of the Vampire Authority and the deliciously evil Russell Edgington is back. And Pam still has her wonderful way with a quip.  I’m looking forward to it, “cotton candy batsh*t” and all!

I want to once again say “thank you” for everyone’s good wishes since the news broke about my going to Comic-Con next month. Frenz is trying to assist me in getting the donation button set up.  She is a true techie and I’m just an artsy-fartsy wanna-be.  Sometimes I need all the help I can get!

We had rather miserable weather this weekend and I’ve felt a bit “bat sh*t” myself sans the cotton candy, so I will hopefully get it together  tomorrow and bring you more posts. Still chasing that elusive thing called a good night’s sleep.  I think Sir Guy understands that quite well.

Randy Marian: Because this is the way it should be


Lucy Griffiths is a talented young actress. We all know she loved working with Richard Armitage. She clearly thought he was a great screen partner and, I suspect, she had a wee crush on him, too. Yet, as Maid Marian, she had to pretend to be repulsed by six feet two inches of smouldering, black leather-clad alpha male, preferring an arrogant git of a character who looked like a slightly shopworn Justin Bieber with a hoodie and scruffy facial hair.

I suspect if Lucy had had her way, Guy and Marian would have gotten to know each other a lot better. And Robin wouldn’t have been such a little pervy Peeping Tom!








Last hit of the Hot Velveteen Henchman


Guy and I wish you a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow is Super Secret Agent Saturday. Expect some Lucas and Portah goodness in art and videos, and perhaps one or two other subjects brewing in my head.








Guyday Friday continues: My dark angel


There’s a reason Richard referred to playing Guy as walking around “with a face like thunder.”  Guy sneered. snarled and sometimes growled. He often smirked. But a real, genuine smile was a rare thing.  And so when such an expression appeared on his beautiful face, he really did look like a dark angel to me. I was captivatd all the more.  And once more I asked, “Oh, Marian . . . why?”

It’s Guyday Friday: Guy’s Guide to Enjoying Easter


Get out and play some fresh air games with your friends.

Easter eggs

Easter eggs (Photo credit: StSaling)

Pause to reflect on your blessings such as having So Not Dead status after being Loved into Being.

Spend some quality bonding time with the ones you love.

Dress in your Easter best. You'll be the grandest fella in the Easter parade.

Boris Kustodiev's Pascha Greetings (1912) show...

Boris Kustodiev's Pascha Greetings (1912) shows traditional Russian khristosovanie (exchanging a triple kiss), with such foods as red eggs, kulich and paskha in the background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Enjoy good food and drink.

                                                                           Wishing you all a Happy Easter weekend, my dears!

Whilst it’s still Guyday Friday . . . Didja ever wonder . . .


Ever wonder if Marian's back caught on fire from all the smouldering Guy was doing right behind her?



Ever wonder how one hot, sweaty enraged henchman could be so damned sexxxxxy?




Ever wonder if Lucy Griffiths went home at night thinking. "Why, oh why couldn't Marian decide she likes Guy . . . I would certainly have more fun!!!"


Richard Armitage loves the baddies. And he keeps me from hating them.


Richard Armitage has said he is not interested in playing floppy-haired heroic types (but, darn it, Rich, we love your floppy tresses!) and when he does play heroes, he looks for their dark side. After all, perfection would be a bit–boring, would it not?

He loves playing the bad guys, and he’s so very good at it.  Because just as he looks for the dark side in the heroes, he also seeks the humanity, the light, no matter how dim, within his darker characters.  And he always finds it. It makes all the difference in how I respond to characters like Paul Andrews, John Mulligan, Robert Lovelace , Heinz Kruger or my beloved Sir Guy of Gisborne.

John Mulligan--"Could you be a devil? Could you be an angel?"
In RA's hands, you are one complex, charismatic baddie.

I find myself unable to completely despise any of the cads, rogues, heinous henchmen or sinister spies he has played thus far. I may reject many of their actions and attitudes and find elements of their characters revolting; still, that glimpse of humanity, that sometimes subtle-yet-discernible struggle between good and evil, allows me to identify with them and empathize in a way I rarely do with other actors when playing the same types of roles.

Heinz, you are a saboteur and a murderer. And yet--I feel the need to know more about why you chose this path rather than immediately condemning you. Would I feel the same if another actor had played the role? Would I even care?

I have asked myself, “Is it because, as Lucy Griffiths quipped on one of the RH commentaries,  Richard makes  ‘such a good-looking murderer?'”

Is it Richard’s beauty and charisma blinding me to the characters’ flaws that keeps me from despising the baddies?  I honestly don’t think so.  I clearly see these are flawed, damaged, sometimes amoral and dangerous men who also happen to possess great looks and considerable charm.  The latter qualities certainly can make them easier on the eye and soften one up a bit.

Sir Guy: vain, temperamental, hungry for wealth and power, the evil Vasey's henchman who has killed and tortured for the sheriff. And yet. We also see his vulnerability, his naivety, his aching need for love, his ability to show courage and chivalry.

Still, it’s what is going on inside these characters that ultimately makes them so compelling for me.  It’s that glimmer of light inside the darkness. It’s wondering where they came from, what molded them into the men they have become and what lies ahead of them. In Sir Guy’s case, it was longing for that redemptive arc, for him to become the good man, the hero we knew he was capable of being. Before Richard, could we imagine a Sir Guy of Gisborne we’d actually prefer over the titular hero of the show?

A baddie in Richard’s hands becomes a three-dimensional, fully-fleshed-out character, a real human being with a mind, a heart and soul. And knowing they are created with such detail and dedication by  this wonderful actor, who works so hard to breath life into each one, makes me appreciate them all, good, bad, and something somewhere in-between.

So, Richard. Maybe what we need is a complex anti-hero role where you start out a baddie, end up a goodie, get the girl and survive past the final credits?  Angst, danger, brooding, romance, heroism and ultimately a happy ending. What do ya think?

"Hmmmm. Better shop that sort of scenario around to some scriptwriters . . ."