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RA’s bad boys always catching my eye . . . how ’bout yours?


I had a very lazy day today. It rained pretty much all day long . . .  and I could never get motivated to do a great deal except rest the sore, aching knee, play with the cats and snooze a bit. Dreamed about banquets with hot dogs and ham and vast amounts of candles on the tables, and oversleeping and missing a 7 a.m. arrival time at an event, which put me in a panic. Happily it was just a dream.

Meanwhile, in RL, it looks as if we will be shooting a dance recital next weekend in two parts, a ballet of “Cinderella” and then a tap/jazz portion. It’s not a huge school so the event won’t drag out for hours and hours as these things can (having been to my niece’s recitals at her large Birmingham school).  And the letters were posted today to the high school seniors’ parents re the graduation package we will be offering,  Yes, May is looking pretty busy. And, one hopes, lucrative. 😉 Have a wonderful weekend!



courtesy of RA Frenzy

courtesy of RA Frenzy




RA’s Heartbreakers: Rogues, Cons & Bad Boys


Philip Durant, the husband with the roving eye and a potential murder suspect in Agatha Christie’s Ordeal by Innocence.

Lee Preston, the firty-girty lifeguard with the irresistible charm and an inability to be faithful to one woman in “Cold Feet.”

The charming Stage Door Johnny, Percy Courtenay, who swept future Edwardian musical hall star Marie Lloyd of her feet in “Marie Lloyd.”

John Mulligan, the boy from the wrong side of the tracks turned successful businessman–and, perhaps, more in :”Moving On.”

Heinz Kruger, crafty murderous spy for the evil Hydra in “Captain America.”

Percy and his angel face after shaving.

More Miscellaneous Monday with the lads & thank you!


Good day to all! It’s another rainy, thunder-y afternoon here in LA (Lower Alabama).  It’s staying relatively cool, which is a blessing. I can survive without running the A/C and that’s less highway robbery I have to pay the electric cooperative.  😉

A big thank you to all those who have already contributed to my Comic-Con Trip Fund. Your generosity is noted and truly appreciated! For anyone who cares to contribute, just use the donate button at the top of the sidebar. And thanks again to RA Frenzy for setting it up for me. The best fans and bloggers in the world are part of “our little community.” Anyone who would prefer to send funds directly ( and I have had a few who do) just let me know and I can send you the info. Merci beaucoup! And John Standring thinks it’s swell, too.

This handsome gent below also extends his thanks.

And continuing our miscellaneous theme, more random images of Mr. A and his ChaRActers . . .

Need a Tuesday Mood Boost? I’ve got just the thing . . .


Feelin' grumpy??

If your Tuesday is not going so terrifically, don’t despair. Just take a generous dose of the man below at regular intervals.


Richard Armitage: good for what ails you.



Why not rock out while Richarding?? Turn it up, baby!!

Bliss out with the help of the sexiest man in the universe . . . people will wonder what you've been up to.


Poll: Who is your favorite RA “bad boy?” (Choose up to three)


I will never ask you what your least liked Richard Armitage characters are, because honestly, there is something I appreciate about each and every one of them and it sort of hurts my feelings to think of any of them being rejected, yes, even Heinous Heinz.  (This is no slam at Ali and the recent poll at Richard Armitage Net; hey, after a while and especially with an RA drought, you run out of ideas!)

But I am curious as to which of Richard’s  dodgy/rebellious/amoral/ criminal characters is your favorite, and why? I will even let you choose three.

Richard Armitage loves the baddies. And he keeps me from hating them.


Richard Armitage has said he is not interested in playing floppy-haired heroic types (but, darn it, Rich, we love your floppy tresses!) and when he does play heroes, he looks for their dark side. After all, perfection would be a bit–boring, would it not?

He loves playing the bad guys, and he’s so very good at it.  Because just as he looks for the dark side in the heroes, he also seeks the humanity, the light, no matter how dim, within his darker characters.  And he always finds it. It makes all the difference in how I respond to characters like Paul Andrews, John Mulligan, Robert Lovelace , Heinz Kruger or my beloved Sir Guy of Gisborne.

John Mulligan--"Could you be a devil? Could you be an angel?"
In RA's hands, you are one complex, charismatic baddie.

I find myself unable to completely despise any of the cads, rogues, heinous henchmen or sinister spies he has played thus far. I may reject many of their actions and attitudes and find elements of their characters revolting; still, that glimpse of humanity, that sometimes subtle-yet-discernible struggle between good and evil, allows me to identify with them and empathize in a way I rarely do with other actors when playing the same types of roles.

Heinz, you are a saboteur and a murderer. And yet--I feel the need to know more about why you chose this path rather than immediately condemning you. Would I feel the same if another actor had played the role? Would I even care?

I have asked myself, “Is it because, as Lucy Griffiths quipped on one of the RH commentaries,  Richard makes  ‘such a good-looking murderer?'”

Is it Richard’s beauty and charisma blinding me to the characters’ flaws that keeps me from despising the baddies?  I honestly don’t think so.  I clearly see these are flawed, damaged, sometimes amoral and dangerous men who also happen to possess great looks and considerable charm.  The latter qualities certainly can make them easier on the eye and soften one up a bit.

Sir Guy: vain, temperamental, hungry for wealth and power, the evil Vasey's henchman who has killed and tortured for the sheriff. And yet. We also see his vulnerability, his naivety, his aching need for love, his ability to show courage and chivalry.

Still, it’s what is going on inside these characters that ultimately makes them so compelling for me.  It’s that glimmer of light inside the darkness. It’s wondering where they came from, what molded them into the men they have become and what lies ahead of them. In Sir Guy’s case, it was longing for that redemptive arc, for him to become the good man, the hero we knew he was capable of being. Before Richard, could we imagine a Sir Guy of Gisborne we’d actually prefer over the titular hero of the show?

A baddie in Richard’s hands becomes a three-dimensional, fully-fleshed-out character, a real human being with a mind, a heart and soul. And knowing they are created with such detail and dedication by  this wonderful actor, who works so hard to breath life into each one, makes me appreciate them all, good, bad, and something somewhere in-between.

So, Richard. Maybe what we need is a complex anti-hero role where you start out a baddie, end up a goodie, get the girl and survive past the final credits?  Angst, danger, brooding, romance, heroism and ultimately a happy ending. What do ya think?

"Hmmmm. Better shop that sort of scenario around to some scriptwriters . . ."

A Hair-Raising Poll: Which RA looks are best-tressed in your opinion?


OK, maybe it’s because my husband’s long curls are now driving him crazy (but as two of our former teachers told him tonight he’s got a beautiful head of hair) and I just got my tresses back to their golden blonde hue AND we are both getting haircuts tomorrow–but Richard’s hair has been on my mind. So I started this post earlier tonight and am finishing up now while Benny and I watch Smash. (It tickles that the man loves The Walking Dead, a show about zombies post-apocalypse and Smash, about the making of a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe. Of course, I like ’em both, too, so we are perfectly matched 😉 ).

I left out Guy’s S1 and 2 hair because in many ways it is like Harry’s hair in terms of floppiness, just longer in the back, but otherwise I tried to offer a good variety of his looks for his different roles.

You can pick up to three looks and feel free to comment about what you love/hate . . . and thanks! 😀

Super Sexy Saturday starts with RA’s eye-catching “bad boys” in another new vid


So what do you do when you feel very creative but your hands don’t feel like doing a lot of typing and your eyes are a bit fuzzy for writing?

You make another video where you can look at a lot of pretty pictures of Mr. A’s characters. Obviously.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Check out all the goodies at FanstRAvaganza 3 which ends Sunday.

PS Ever heard of a book called Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James, part of a trilogy?  I just downloaded to my Kindle. It’s supposed to be quite a sexy page-turner. I will let you all know what I think. 😉

FanstRAvaganza 3 continues, Harry K. & other things that make me happy


Richard as Harry Kennedy in The Vicar of Dibley. (screencap by RANet)

We’re in Day Two of the FanstRAvaganza 3 in FANFIC tagteam chain!

If you missed Day One, check out my post on fanfiction joining mainstream culture right here at The Armitage Effect.

 In Day Two, see my partners’ posts at  and for more great F3 Fanfic entries!  Tomorrow, the FANFIC tagteam continues at C.S. Winchester and Maria Garza Don’t miss out on all the RA goodness.

Now, about those things that make me happy . . . other than Mr. Armitage and delightful characters such as the sweet and sunny accountant Harry Kennedy.

The unforced smiles on the faces of these little girls at a local sweet potato festival in a photo I took for the newspaper.

The breathtaking beauty of spring.

Mad props for Richard: TAE Word for the Day


We’ve another slang entry for today’s word, and I am sure you will agree it’s a word of which dear RA is so deserving.

props: (noun) due respect; an expression of approval or regard.  The expression dates back to the 1980s, and it is derived from the shortening and pluralization of the word “proper,” as in  “proper respect.”

Richard does not let his fears stand in the way of the roles he will take. A little nervous on horseback? He just keeps practicing until it looks like he was born in the saddle. Phobia about water that stems from a childhood accident? Not a keen swimmer?  Auditions for and gets role as lifeguard, voluntarily undergoes waterboarding not once, but twice and ends up underwater in a mini-sub being punched-up by Captain America. I have to give Richard props for his tenacity and determination to be authentic and get the role right, even when it scares him.

Richard admitted doing this underwater scene for Captain America was not easy for him.