Laughter and pure sexiness. How can we not love him?


If you really want to win me over, make me laugh. My dad’s motto was “a little laughter in life” and I have tried to carry on that tradition. I have difficulty relating to seemingly humorless people, the sort you feel as if you have to walk on eggshells when in their presence.

Sure, sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying, but it’s good for your soul and for your face–puts the creases in all the right places.  Mr. A is an excellent example of this. You can tell this is a man who smiles and laughs quite a lot. Crinkles, anyone??

He doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously–his work, his roles, oh, yes–but not himself. How refreshing that is in a world of raging egomaniacs who have far less to have a swelled head over than Mr. A.

The man is also effortlessly sexy. In a world of wanna-bes who try way too hard, he simply IS sexy. His voice, his smile, his eyes, the way he moves–the assorted and sundry physical features we all admire. And he’s smart and funny and sweet and a bit geeky, all of which I also find sexy.  And his characters. Oh. wow. We have enigmatic and brooding, tough and dangerous, yet tender and sweet, alpha males, heroes, characters spilling over with joie de vivre, with charisma to spare.


Indeed, what’s not to love about this guy?  And you know what would just tickle me pink? To make Richard Armitage laugh. To be in his presence and have him throw back that handsome head and give one of those big ol’ belly laughs, his crinkles on full display and those baby blues a-twinkling.  Not likely to ever happen–but a girl can dream.

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  1. I don’t know why it is, perhaps because we are not seeing him on TV etc on a regular basis or hearing much in the way of news, but I find I can barely let a few hours go by – far less a day – without watching a DVD of his or gazing at pictures of him! I’m beginning to worry a bit just how captivated I am by this man!! But as you say Angie, how can we NOT love him!!

    • You’re not the only one Teuchter! I simply cannot go 24 hours without seeing him, even if it means being late to bed in order to check in on the blogs and the POD over at RANet, among other things. Most days, it’s the first thing I do of a morning.
      I’m working on another fanvid, and I find it very difficult to tear my self away in order to get on with everything else that needs my attention, because it involves looking at lots of photos and pics! 🙂

    • Oh Teuchter I’m a hopeless case like you. So hopeless that I’ve inserted a picture of him at the end of each chapter of the fanfics I’m reading on my kindle !

      • Angie!!!!!! Thank goodness I’d swallowed my mouthful of tea BEFORE I read your comment!! I’m still shaking with laughter!! I’m thinking there are multitudes of us who are permanent members of said asylum!! 🙂 Do the words “Goose” and “cooked” sound familiar to you?? 😀 All I can say is I’m in GREAT company!!!! We all have that Good Taste Gene!! 😀

  2. Same here, girls. First thing in the morning, I’m here. Last thing before I go to bed, I’m here. Even during the day I check in every few hours. Add me to the “hopeless cases” list! 🙂

  3. Oh you all sing my song! I find I am among like-minded friends! I was just about tearing my hair out last week upon finding my laptop had crashed – what was I going to do for a four day long weekend and no RA? Kicked my brain into action and finally hooked up the kid’s computer. I’m back! It very rare that a day goes by and I don’t check in at least once! Some days I have terrible trouble tearing myself away to do anything!

  4. Well ladies thank goodness I’am not alone. I’m out of work at the moment and after I have finished with real life things I’m reading all the lovely blogs or re-watching DVDs or re-runs on TV or reading fanfics. I re-read fanfics all the time there are some really brilliant ones out there. Oh and not forgeting the different novels about Guy, John Thornton, John Standring. Do I sound sad lol don’t care I don’t like being out of work but hey every cloud has a silver lining. HA HA

    • AJDaisy,
      Having been out of work and recovering from a car accident for several months now, I know how Richarding has helped me. He is certainly the silver lining in the cloud. 🙂

  5. Every day, several times a day, morning, noon and night, I am on the AW. I am sure that the vistor stats on the blogs have gone through the roof, mostly because of me. lol.

    My name is gracie and I too am an addict and I am loving it so as it stands now, there is no hope of me getting better. My addiction is likely to get worse after the Hobbit. LOL.

    • I am going to be very interested to see what happens once Thorin hits the big screen and gains what are sure to be masses of new admirers. I believe the Armitage Effect will go massively global. Ah, Richard, my darling. Are you ready? Are WE?

  6. Every single day I have to visit some RA blogs, stare at his pics and watch vids in YouTume. It couuld still take several hours a day. Have tried to cut it down a bit, but it is rather hopeless. I’m Richarding only when I’m at home, never at work, though.

    Maybe someday there will be a time when I can watch one episode of a series he’s in without having to pause it several times to admire his massive beauty, sexiness and gorgeousness 😉 Is is possible? Is there a way to get somewhat “immune” to his Effect? 😉

    My name is Cristine and I am and addict. There are times this addiction worries me a little but most of the time I’m so happy for it. I definitely don’t wish to be cured!

    • cristine, I’ve yet to watch ANYthing of his on DVD straight through from start to finish without pausing, slo-moing, rewinding and replaying again and again. I hope it’s not possible to wear holes in a DVD!

    • It is hard not to stop and simply drink in all the beauty–I study the planes of his face, that beautiful bone structure, the way his eyes change color, the sweep of those long, thick lashes, the upward curve of the corners of his mouth that make him often appear to be on the brink of a smile–and there’s so much more to contemplate, admire and, yes, obsess over. My husband thinks I am a bit of a fruitcake but I remind him I am hardly the only one. 😉

  7. After reading all these “R-Addiction confessions” here, I’m going to admit to something that only a couple of my closest friends know. I have several pictures of him that I carry in my “Daytimer”, two larger ones in between the pages of my daily journal and an even larger head shot one which – “blushes profusely” – comes with me when I go to bed!! Now you KNOW I’m officially crazy!! 😀

    • I think that is astonishingly sweet, Teuchter. I have my autographed photo of RA that Benny gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago that I tuck into my carry-on bag when I go out of town, so I can sneak a peek at it. 😉

  8. I agree with you completly,Angie:)
    The best in him is this lack of self-importance and not a trace of vanity. I adore him!.
    My name is Joanna and I am an RAaddict:)

  9. My name is Laurie and I am an RA addict!!

    I just returned from a 10 day trip to see my family. Thank goodness for my smartphone because I was going through serious RA withdrawal. I was checking my phone several times a day to see what was on the armitage effect!! Now I’m going to have to get back to the videos and dvd’s ladies.

    This phenomenon has been getting worse and worse for the past several years. So, no, I don’t think you can become immune or OD on Richard. Maybe because he keeps getting better and better!! On the other hand, I enjoy my addition. Plus, it doesn’t have an calories!

    • I used to say it was an addiction with NO side effects but what about things like swooning, palpitations, drooling, raised heart rate and blood pressure, weak knees, breathlessness etc?? 😉 He sure does a number on me but on the other hand there are SO many beneficial effects that they completely outweigh the others!! And he is so VERY worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. My name is Leigh and I’m an RA addict. I printed out the calendar from RAnet and have it concealed in back of my appointment diary. I have downloaded photos and videos that I look at when I can’t get online. If my computer quits on me, I’ll be in a torment of withdrawal…

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